Planning a wedding is a ton of work. Aside from the actual reception and ceremony, there鈥檚 the dress, the flowers, the cake, the bridesmaids鈥 the list is so long it鈥檚 stressing us out. That鈥檚 where your bridesmaids come in. It鈥檚 their job to plan the bachelorette party and most importantly, the wedding shower. So to help your lovely ladies of honor out, we鈥檝e rounded up the ultimate list of bridal shower inspiration. From fancy tea parties to cozy camping trips, here are 100 themes and ideas that brides are bound to love.

1. Flamingos: You can totally do a whole bridal shower based on flamingos. Not only are they awesome, but they鈥檙e pink 鈥 which is an easy hue to incorporate when it comes to flowers, decor and balloons. (via The House That Lars Built)

2. Vintage Pool Party: We are obsessed with this 鈥60s-inspired tiki party. Decorate with bold and bright colors, wear your one-piece and have the best pool party everrrr. (via 100 Layer Cake)

3. Kaleidoscope of Colors: This unique bridal theme is one of our favorites. Based on the vibrant colors and geometric shapes of kaleidoscope, this shower is anything but ordinary. The handmade triangle garland serves as the perfect backdrop for the dessert table. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

4. Travel Theme: If you鈥檝e got a jetsetting bride, she will love the idea of a travel theme for her shower. Collect vintage objects like globes and suitcases, books and cameras to add a special touch to this out-of-this-world affair. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

5. Classy Backyard BBQ: A backyard BBQ is a no-frills way to celebrate a wedding. Dress it up by elevating the menu and decorating with beautiful flowers. This is a great one to include the men in, too. (via Eric Kelley Photography)

6. Vintage Boudoir: Inspired by 鈥50s Playboy magazines, this ultra luxe party in the woods is the perfect setting to let loose and have fun with the girls. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Pancake Breakfast: If you鈥檙e on a budget, this pancake brunch idea is pretty freakin鈥 awesome. Who can say no to pancakes and mimosas?! (via Once Wed)

8. Yoga: A unique and totally zen way to spend time with your bridesmaids is with a relaxing yoga class. Top off the class with some DIY smoothies or relaxing by the pool. (via Bridal Musings)

9. Black + White: Black + white is one color story that will never go out of style. Mix in some stripes and a pop of hot pink to give the theme some depth. Oh, and did you notice that glittery heart cake topper? Fab! (via Wedding Chicks)

10. Cooking Party: A fun way to celebrate your nuptials is with a cooking or baking class in place of your shower. After you cook up a storm, devour your creations on a table that showcases your brand new KitchenAid mixer filled with flowers. By the way, this is a super creative centerpiece idea for any bridal shower. (via Martha Stewart Weddings + Stoke Glory)

11. DIY Mimosa Bar: If you鈥檙e throwing any type of brunch party, a mimosa bar is seriously crucial. We鈥檙e also loving the color dipped vases hanging in the background. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

12. Neons + Neutrals: Whoever thought of this whole neon meets neutrals thing is a genius. We love the combination and we鈥檙e especially crushin鈥 on those neon handled forks! (via Ruffled)

13. Country Western: You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the country but can鈥檛 take the country out of the girl! Have your guests rocks cowboy boots, drink some sweet tea and have a good ol鈥 fashion hoedown. (via Style Me Pretty)

14. Glitter: If you want your party to sparkle, add small glittery details like gold dipped balloons or gold rimmed champagne glasses. A little glitter goes a long way! (via Bridal Musings + Studio DIY)

15. Rooted In Love: So the theme may sound a little cheesy, but this theme is definitely one of our favorites. Go all out with the roots idea by serving your apps in mini planters, using potted plants as decor and garnishing your drinks with fresh herbs. How adorbs are those carrots and hummus pots?! (via Hostess With the Mostess)

16. Fancy Beachfront: An elegant beachfront party is always a good idea. Using a base theme of blue and white, add some color with white painted crates filled with pink and white flowers. This is also the perfect excuse to hang bunting. (via Style Me Pretty)

17. Desert: Believe it or not, desert weddings are totally trending. To add a whimsical touch to your desert-themed tablescape, cover it with a burlap cloth and fill old tin cans with mini cacti. Bonus: Let all your guests take a succulent home as a party favor. (via Wedding Chicks)

18. Downton Abbey: If you鈥檙e a huge fan of the British show that took the U.S. by storm, a Downton Abbey shower would be right up your alley. All of the bridesmaids should dress up as actual maids, the menu should be filled with classic British fare and there should be plenty of tea. (via SouthBound Bride)

19. Ice Cream Social: Every girl loves ice cream 鈥 even those of us who are trying to eat healthy. An ice cream social is a fun way to build your own sundaes and chat about girl stuff. (via Cooking Channel)

20. Burlesque: While this could definitely be a bachelorette party theme, we love the idea of getting more of the guest list to join in on the fun. Pass out feather boas, play swanky tunes and put on your sky-high heels. (via 100 Layer Cake)

21. Clam Bake: If you want to go casual, a clam bake is the perfect idea. Line the tables in newspaper, pass out bibs or red dishtowels and get cookin鈥. And you鈥檙e having crabs 鈥 so don鈥檛 forget the hammers! (via These Tings Take Time)

22. Watercolors: Sometimes a soft and pretty theme is just what the doctor ordered. You could throw a watercolor painting party, passing out paper and palettes to all of your guests. Or, you could take it less literally and decorate based on soft, washed-out hues. (via Style Me Pretty)

23. Chanel-Inspired: If you鈥檝e got a fashionista on your hands, a Chanel-inspired party will have her swooning. (via Oh Lovely Day)

24. Wildflower: Part bohemian and part desert chic, this lovely idea is picture perfect. We鈥檙e pretty much crushing on those floral centerpieces. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

25. Gingham: This one鈥檚 for the preppy bride who loves herself some gingham. Make it ultra girly by using only pink and green. (via Southern Weddings)

26. Biergarten: This Vienna-inspired idea would be great for a co-ed wedding shower. Serve pitchers of beers, soft pretzels and schnitzels while an accordion player serenades your guests. Oh, and make sure your bridesmaids wear braids! (via Snippet + Ink)

27. Boudoir: Throw your bash in a private dressing room for an intimate girls-only event. You can give bold lipsticks as favors and play dress-up with your gal pals. (via Style Me Pretty)

28. Slumber Party: SLUMBER PARTY! Enough said. (via 100 Layer Cake)

29. All White: There鈥檚 nothing more chic and clean than an all-white shower. Honor the bride by dressing everything in the room in white, from the decor to the desserts. (via Martha Stewart Weddings + 100 Layer Cake)

30. Creekside Luncheon: Plan an outdoor luncheon for the bride and her closest friends. Combine rustic decor with pops of color for the ultimate mid-day feast. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

31. DIY Perfume Bar: This is a creative idea that all your guests will enjoy. It fits in perfectly with the boudoir theme! (via Glamour + Grace)

32. Glamping Trip: Make a weekend out of your shower by planning a girls-only glamping trip. P.S.: S鈥檓ores are mandatory. (via Ruffled + Green Wedding Shoes)

33. Lingerie Party: We鈥檝e never thought of using lingerie as garland, but in this instance it totally works. At this party, it鈥檚 completely necessary to gift lots of lacey underpinnings to the bride-to-be. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

34. Pool Party: One of the easiest parties to throw is one that includes a pool. Fire up the grill, hand out some towels and let the party begin. (via Stefan Sisters)

35. Winter Wonderland: If your bride is a snow bunny, throw her a sparkly winter party. Snowflakes make gorgeous toppers, by the way. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

36. Champagne Tasting: Your best buds will love getting their drink on at your champagne tasting shower. Once you鈥檝e all had a few glasses, let loose with some party games. (via Style Me Pretty)

37. Fiesta: You don鈥檛 need to live in Mexico to throw the perfect Mexican fiesta. A taco stand, tequila and brightly-colored decor are all main components for this theme. Don鈥檛 forget the pi帽ata! (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

38. Pastels: Pretty pastels will always be a great color scheme for a bridal shower, but that stunning wall art is what brings the whole theme together. (via Wedding Chicks)

39. Date Night Jar: Your lovely bride (and groom!) will appreciate this one. Have all your guests write a date night idea on a popsicle stick and collect them in a mason jar. After the wedding, the two can pick one out when the average dinner-date gets stale. (via Macke Monologues)

40. Floral Arranging Party: A skill that every gal should learn is how to arrange flowers. Get a glimpse into how to master this artful skill with a class followed by lunch. (via Snippet + Ink + Style Me Pretty)

41. Love + Hearts: This love and hearts theme works well all year 鈥檙ound 鈥 even if the wedding isn鈥檛 on Valentine鈥檚 Day. It鈥檚 totally appropriate when celebrating the engagement of two love birds. (via United With Love)

42. Alice in Wonderland: As quirky as it may be, an Alice in Wonderland theme is as cute as they come. Mismatched tea cups, tiny little treats and red rose decorations will bring it all together. (via Ruffled)

43. Mermaid Theme: 鈥ecause who doesn鈥檛 want to be a mermaid? (via Wedding Chicks)

44. Lemons: Here鈥檚 a bright idea: Go crazy with lemons in more ways than one. From the color story to the food, this yellow citrus fruit will have everything tasting and smelling fresh. They鈥檙e even used in the floral arrangements. (via Oh Lovely Day)

45. Nautical: Ahoy, matey. Even if you don鈥檛 have the luxury of throwing your bash on a boat (or a yacht), a nautical-themed party on land will do just fine. Use rope, anchors and flags as staples in your decor. (via Style Me Pretty)

46. Rustic Vintage: This rustic, yet elegant shower incorporated classic vintage objects as part of the decor. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

47. Eskimo Party: This igloo cake is too adorable for words. And that bright pink and white table?! We feel a DIY moment coming on鈥 (via Hello Naomi)

48. Whimsical Circus: Bright neon colors work with gold, circus accents for a super whimsical theme. We love the crazy streamer backdrop and the idea of serving vibrant rock candy. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

49. ABC Theme: For those of us who love letters, this is a truly creative theme. Incorporate type in banners, monogrammed napkins and cake toppers. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

50. Whiskey Tasting: Who says it always has to be a champagne affair? This theme鈥檚 perfect for the girl that loves a hearty sipper. (via Style Me Pretty)

51. Fairgrounds: If you enjoy the circus, you鈥檒l go crazy for this fair-themed shower. Popcorn and cotton candy machines would fit right into this playful party theme. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

52. Luxury Spa: With all this wedding planning, you girls deserve some relaxation time. If you live near New York City, the Aire Ancient Baths is the best destination for pampering. If not, check out the digs of your local spa for some massages and mud baths. (via Brides)

53. Honey Theme: From the tablecloth to the serving plates, the honey theme is carried through every little detail of this shower. Incorporate a biscuit bar with homemade pastries and flavored honey for your guests to enjoy every ounce of sweetness. (via Wedding Chicks)

54. Princess Party: All hail the princess bride. Deck out the room in pretty pink with gold accents and whatever you do, don鈥檛 forget the tiaras. (via A Blog by Amy Atlas)

55. Quirky Tea Party: If you鈥檙e throwing a very small get-together, a quirky little tea party on the lawn is a great way to celebrate. (via Ruffled)

56. Toilet Paper Game: A fun activity for everyone to enjoy is the toilet paper dress game. It鈥檚 pretty self-explanatory, if you ask us. (via Bridal Guide)

57. Rockabilly Theme: Part rockabilly, part 鈥50s housewife, this fun idea is one that all ages will love. Serve your fruity cocktails in old Coke bottles, decorate with old wooden crates and put out a few Polaroid cameras for some candid pleasure. (via Wedding Chicks)

58. Peach + Mint: You don鈥檛 need an actual theme to have a drop dead gorgeous wedding shower. Take this peach and mint color story, for example. And that flower centerpiece is sooo lovely. (via Wedding Chicks)

59. Antique Cabin: Take your girls to an antique cabin for a weekend in the woods. Or, rent one out for an elegant dinner party. (via Ultimate Bridesmaid)

60. DIY Popsicle Party: No matter what type of shower you鈥檙e throwing, a DIY popsicle bar is an idea you鈥檙e going to want to use. There are even some recipes for boozy pops! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

61. Hello Kitty Theme: This is as niche as it gets, folks. If you know you鈥檙e bride鈥檚 a fan of this pink kitty, she will absolutely adore the gesture. (via Bridal Musings)

62. Farm-Inspired: This sweet, southern style soiree was inspired by milk maids. The decor included vintage kitchen canisters, milk glasses, fresh eggs and embroidered handkerchiefs. Warm cookies and milk lined the dessert table, which has us sold already! (via Ruffled)

63. Gourmet S鈥檓ores Bar: Who says you need a campfire to make s鈥檓ores? This DIY bar has everything but the kitchen sink for you and your guests to enjoy the best dessert sammies ever. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

64. Day at the Races: Mint juleps and floppy hats are the star of this charming theme. Fill the room with equestrian decor, beautiful flowers and some classic southern staples like potato salad and pulled pork sliders. (via Wedding Chicks)

65. Bohemian: This boho chic forest party is complete with gold flatware, vintage plates and floral throw pillows. We especially love the vintage sheet hung in the trees as a backdrop for a photo booth. Simple, easy and casually cool. (via Lauren Conrad)

66. Lemonade Stand: Whether you鈥檙e throwing a backyard barbecue or an elegant ladies luncheon, there鈥檚 always room for a lemonade stand. And lemonade-infused cupcakes. (via A Blog by Amy Atlas)

67. Cookie Decorating Party: Everyone loves cookies! Get the whole crowd involved in the DIY action by setting up a frosting bar with toppings. To take the theme over the top, line the counters with sequin tablecloths, balloon animals and vibrant confetti. You could also go the subtle route and let the cookies do the talkin鈥. (via Ruffled)

68. Wine + Cheese: Every girl loves a good wine and cheese party. A good loaf of French bread, a healthy assortment of cheese and a number of different wines are the only things needed to pull this off this classic fete. (via Style Me Pretty)

69. Something Blue: If you want to go traditional, throw a Something Blue bash, complete with lots of blue decor and desserts. Look at those high heel cupcakes! (via Hostess With the Mostess)

70. Gardening Theme: While this is a really cute idea for a bridal shower, we could see this theme working for a number of different occasions. The industrial slate-colored decor really makes the greens pop. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

71. Co-ed Retro: Another awesome co-ed idea is going subtly retro-cool. This beautiful theme features red wayfarer frames, a navy blue tablecloth and neutral colored flowers. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

72. Julia Child-Inspired: Another centerpiece to capture the bride鈥檚 love of cooking or baking is this huge Dutch oven pot filled with flowers. If you鈥檙e a fan of the amazing Julia Child (who isn鈥檛?) you鈥檒l love throwing this chef-centric shower. Have your guests fill out recipe cards to add to the soon-to-be-bride鈥檚 collection. (via Wedding Chicks)

73. Mad Hatter鈥檚 Tea Party: Every little girl dreams of attending a real Mad Hatter鈥檚 tea party, and this one is the best version we鈥檝e seen yet. While it definitely screams quirky, the spot-on decor is still elegant and completely appropriate for a grown-up party. (via Want That Wedding)

74. Blueberries + Lemonade: Yep, your favorite summertime drink and fruit can be a theme. And when you have a lemon tree in your backyard, it鈥檚 kinda perfect. We love the irony of the vintage furniture sitting outside on the lawn next to a quaint little lemonade stand. (via Ruffled)

75. Mid-Century Modern: If you鈥檙e mad for Mad Men (or the 鈥60s) why not throw a mid-century modern shower? Of course, the most important part of this theme is the cocktails. And we all know you鈥檝e got that in the bag. (via 100 Layer Cake)

76. Mug Making Party: If you are one of those peeps that needs your coffee in the morning (aren鈥檛 we all?), your gal pals will love decorating their own, personalized mug. Complete the event by sitting around a cozy fireplace with some hot cocoa in hand. (via Lauren Wells Events)

77. Black + Yellow: This theme is as cute as a bumble bee! (via Style Me Pretty)

78. Girl Scout Theme: Looking for an original idea? How about calling up your troupe and throwing a Girl Scout get-together. Just don鈥檛 forget the cookies. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

79. Kate Spade-Inspired: If you don鈥檛 really know how to throw a Kate Spade-inspired party, just think sophisticated girly. In other words, sparkles and stripes. (via The Perfect Palette)

80. Bohemian Backyard: If you bring all your eclectic furniture out to the backyard, you can have a gorgeous, outdoor living room that鈥檚 ideal for your bohemian bridal shower. Who needs chairs when you鈥檝e got sweet pillows?! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

81. Blowout Drybar Party: Get your pamper on with a trip to the beauty salon. There are tons of blow dry bars around the country that serve up some bubbly with your blow outs OR you can make your own Drybar experience at home with these tips. (via Brides)

82. Brigitte Bardot-Inspired: Throw a sexy, 鈥50s pin-up girl party inspired by the French actress and model, Brigitte Bardot. You may or may not want to hand out luscious blonde wigs. Just sayin鈥. (via Ruffled)

83. Classic: If you鈥檙e so over having a theme, go with something classic. Milk glass bud vases filled with pink and orange bouquets are a pretty touch that anyone would appreciate. (via Style Me Pretty)

84. All Natural Tea Party: This one鈥檚 for the elegant ladies who drink tea with their pinkies up. And also鈥 macarons. (via Style Me Pretty)

85. Parisian: Remember the Parisian-inspired bridal shower from Bridesmaids? While we don鈥檛 expect you to get real live butterflies to fly out of every guests鈥 invite, French pastries and a cute basket-bearing bicycle will do just fine. (via Every Last Detail)

86. Lumberjack Theme: It鈥檚 time to rock the plaid and dance around in the woods, because this lumberjack theme is that good. Finally, a bridal shower you can wear your cutoffs to. (via Ruffled)

87. Mod: Colorful houseware is the key to this retro inspiration. Fill the space with some old records, flower crowns and vintage vases. (via 100 Layer Cake)

88. Cozy Camping: It鈥檚 clear that a super cool trailer is completely necessary when planning a cozy camping trip that looks this awesome. But if you can鈥檛 get yourself one this vibrant, make up for it with some cheery and bright furniture. And pack lots of blankets. (via 100 Layer Cake)

89. City Glam Country: Country meets city in this ultra glam and sparkly bridal shower theme. Champagne and sequined pillows are the stars of this party. Oh, and the bride-to-be, obvs. (via Ruffled)

90. Vintage: Make thrift stores, eBay and Etsy your besties when you鈥檙e planning a vintage shower. The more eclectic your finds, the better. (via Wedding Chicks)

91. Candy Theme: The founder of Dylan鈥檚 Candy Bar in New York City (and the daughter of Ralph Lauren) hosted a candy-themed bash for her bridal shower. We鈥檇 like to copy it, STAT! (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

92. Beach: If you鈥檙e down at the beach, use your resources to decorate. Seashells, sand and sea glass make beautiful accessories for the table and blue mason jars bring out the colors of the ocean. (via Celebrations)

93. Coral + Poppy: This color combination is completely unexpected because it鈥檚 not quite pink and it鈥檚 not quite red. With a table this good-looking, we鈥檙e behind this color palette 100%. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

94. Woodland: This ethereal brunch party features rustic elements paired with a bohemian flair. (via 100 Layer Cake)

95. Diamond (Donut) Rings: If you like it then you better put a ring on it. And we really, really like donuts. Hey, that reminds us. Why not throw a whole party centered around these round treats? (via TrueBlu)

96. 鈥20s-Inspired: A 鈥20s party a la Gatsby calls for lots of martinis and head pieces. But this inspiring shower also featured a fun photo booth with lots of vintage props. It鈥檚 time to play dress up, ladies! (via Green Wedding Shoes)

97. Gold Parisian: Another Paris-inspired party features classic French desserts and lots of gold and florals. (via Julie Harmsen Photography)

98. DIY Tea Bar: Even if you鈥檙e not hosting a tea party, a DIY tea bar is a really nice addition to any shower. Plus, it makes for a great takeaway at the end of the celebration. (via 100 Layer Cake)

99. Texas Sized: Everything鈥檚 bigger in Texas, which is why everything needs to be bigger at your Texas-themed shower. Large sunflowers and big, bold flavors are what lines this down-home table. (via Inspired By This)

100. Elegant Garden Party: The garden party is perhaps the most popular among bridal shower inspirations. Fine crystal, a crisp white tablecloth, lovely chandeliers and fancy flowers are what sets this one apart. (via Style Me Pretty)

Did we miss any inspirational shower ideas? Tell us about the best bridal shower you鈥檝e ever been to in the comments below!