Scrolls, rolls, rollies — whatever word you want to use to describe them, ice cream scrolls are ruling Instagram this summer. It is ice cream in its purest form, fresh off the plate and made to order. The trend originated in Thailand, and now copycat shops are springing up all over the map. Find your nearest pop-up shop, and stand transfixed while your dream cream is rolled up before your very eyes. Or keep on scrolling (hi-yo!) for some calorie-free eye candy — and some reasons to celebrate this trend that represents street food at its very best.

1. Because, Chocolate: Chocolate scrolls with chocolate macaroon cookies?! Sign us up. For those of us who love nuts with our chocolate, the subtle almond flavor of a macaroon cookie makes this scrollie a perfect pairing.


2. Summertime Is S’mores Time: There’s so much going on here, we can’t decide which is our favorite part. If you try to recreate this one at home, don’t forget the strawberry for a visual pop. (via Picky Palate)

3. We *Heart* Bears: Vanilla ice cream with Oreo mix-ins are topped with Teddy Grahams, sprinkles and a giant panda cookie. Did you lick your phone yet? #lickyourphone.

4. Red, White and Blue: This patriotic pile of yum is one sweet way to salute our stars and stripes. But it doesn’t have to be a national holiday to par-tay!

5. Keep Cool and Carry On: This Oreo-riffic concoction is just what you need when the temps hit 90. Just look at those scrolls — so on point.

6. Nothing Says Summer Like Watermelon: These watermelon yogurt scrolls are topped with granola and mochi. Because you know it’s not summertime until you’re eating watermelon and ice cream — what a wonderful combo!

7. Drudgery SOS: This crispy-creamy concoction is just the sugar rush you need to get you through whatever life is throwing at you. Bonus points for A-plus presentation here.

8. Dessert forBreakfast: In this dessert that could pass for breakfast, scrolls with berry mix-ins top a waffle — but not just any waffle. This one’s made with a scoop of Japanese bamboo charcoal, a food trend that swept Europe last year. Dry and crisped to perfection, it’s just the right texture to hold all that melty scroll goodness.

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