There are countless ways to pull off the perfect Instagram-worthy proposal: You could pop the question by proposing under the Golden Gate Bridge, set up a romantic tent engagement getaway in your living room or just surprise your fiancé by dropping to one knee in front of a breathtaking view like Hector did. When Hector proposed to his now fiancée, Jennifer, during their trip to Iceland, he wanted to take her breath away with the epic view *and* equally epic engagement ring. Based on this Insta-worthy engagement announcement and Jennifer’s proud hand, he most definitely did. Read on for all the super sweet details.


Before the two embarked on their adventure to the land of ice and fire, Hector made sure to convince Jennifer not to get her hopes up because he had *forgotten* the ring they already picked at home (nice one, Hector). Nevertheless, they had an amazing time soaking up the beautiful sights. At the end of the trip, they decided to visit the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón — where the two even joked would be a perfect spot for him to practice proposing. Though the drive there was met with dark clouds, they arrived to see the sky lit up a stunning pink with mini icebergs floating everywhere, and even some seals swimming around!


After reaching a private spot along the shoreline, they set up the tripod to take a few photos together. Jennifer didn’t think much of it when Hector kept saying how perfect this moment was. That is, until the last round of pictures when Hector dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring and asked her to be his wife. In short, using Jennifer’s exact words: “It was pure magic!”


When Hector proposed, Jennifer recalled how “[her] dad’s words popped into [her] mind.” Before her father passed away several years ago from cancer, he told her to “find someone that loves you from the inside out, who makes you happy, who protects you and fights for you every day. Find someone who loves you the way I love your mom.” Knowing she finally found the one, Jennifer burst into happy tears and “couldn’t speak at first because it was such a beautiful and emotional moment.” *Cue our happy tears.*

Today, the couple is busy planning their big day, which has been set for October 2016. But they’re admittedly more excited for the honeymoon. Though the getaway probably won’t be as exciting as their life-changing Iceland trip, they hope to embark on another adventure to either New Zealand or Argentina. We can’t say if we’re more jealous or happy for the two lovebirds — congrats to Hector and Jennifer!

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