We’re all for making a statement. After all, fashion is what you make of it. If you feel awesome in a hilarious sweatshirt and mohawk then by all means, grab the hair gel and get spiking. Last night on the Grammys red carpet Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea made quite a statement sporting a crown braid of epic proportions. While we totally commend Iggy for opting to rock a more original hairstyle than say, beach waves or a simple updo, we know that the Internet freaked out over it a little bit. With the Grammys red carpet falling heavily on the tame side this year, people had to have something to talk about.


If you’re up for recreating Iggy’s braid, go, girl (also, please send us pics), but if you’re looking to replicate that crown braid in a slightly more subdued context, here are 10 similar, albeit tamer, hairstyles to try.


1. Half Down Crown: Start out ultra tame with this style that leaves half your hair down and the rest out of your face. (via Treasures and Travels)

2. Rope Twist Bun: Blend the rope twist with a classic low bun, for this relaxed version of the dramatic hairstyle. (via Romona Thomas)


3. Crown Braid Chignon: French Braid the front section of your hair, then crisscross the rest to form this bridal ready updo. (via Once Wed)

4. Milkmaid: For something a little more dramatic and similar to Iggy’s ‘do, try these classic milkmaid braids. (via Mahogany Curls)


5. Rope Braid Updo: Here’s a way to get all that volume with a little more ease up front. Pile everything on top to complete this stunning style. (via Once Wed)

6. Starburst Crown Braid: For a crown braid that has a little something extra try this version that pulls hair into a braid from a high pony, creating this intricate style. (via Cute Girl Hairstyles)


7. Rope Twist Milkmaid Braid: If braiding isn’t really your thing, try this rope twist that requires a little less coordination, but looks just as good. (via Refinery29)


8. Emily Blunt Braids: Get that red carpet glam, with a little less drama in this look that replicates Emily Blunt’s braided style at the Golden Globes. This option brings all the drama to the nape of the neck rather than to the forehead. (via Brit + Co)


9. Milkmaid Fishtail: Put a fresh spin on the ever-trending hairstyle by swapping the classic three-strand braids for this more intricate-looking, fishtail technique. (via Drifter and the Gypsy)

10. Rope Crown: Here’s a true rope crown braid that’ll look deceivingly time-consuming once you’ve mastered it (it’s actually totally easy). If you’re looking for something that’ll work with shorter hair, definitely give this style a try. (via Bethany Applebee)

What was your favorite hairstyle from this year’s Grammys? Drop us a line in the comments below to let us know!

(Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty)