Like the bob, the crown braid is one of those hairstyle classics that could use a bit of an update. So when Emily Blunt walked out on the Golden Globes red carpet wearing one that looked more romantic than ever, we knew we had found the restyle we were hoping for. Emily’s plaited updo possesses a down-to-earth elegance thanks to its perfectly undone finish — a style that may look intimidating, but isn’t as tricky to DIY as you may think. That’s the beauty of this style. For as simple as it is to do, it channels a majorly sophisticated look, whether you wear it with a dramatic dress or with light-wash jeans and your favorite worn-in white tee. Here’s how to get the look with our simple steps.


Step 1: Messy Center Part + Backcomb

Using a rat tail comb, place an uneven center part in your hair. Then pick up thin horizontal sections of hair on both sides of your part and gently backcomb them to create a little more texture and volume.


Step 2: Dutch Braid

Pick up a small section of hair on one side of the top of your head and begin your Dutch braid, which is an inside-out French braid (Need a reminder? Follow our tutorial here!). The trick for this style of Dutch braid is to only add hair into the braid from the bottom of your hair — the side that’s closest to your face — and not from the area above the braid. When you get to a point when you can’t add in any more hair from the bottom section, sub in a standard braid until you reach the ends of your hair. Twist the hair into a flat bun and secure with cross pinned bobby pins. Then repeat on the opposite side.


Step 3: Tuck + Pin

When you get to the ends of your hair on this final braid, wrap the braid around the hair you just pinned.


Secure your hair in place with cross pinned bobby pins. Tuck in the end of this braid plus the strands that didn’t make it into the braid — don’t worry, the final look is supposed to be tousled and a bit undone. Gently push them under the pinned braid and secure with a few bobby pins.


Step 4: Add Texture

Gently pull apart the braid to allow for a more textured, voluminous finish.


The final updo is refined but not too polished and pretty to boot! Knock it out of the park with drop earrings or an ear cuff with some sparkle or shine to add to the romance of the braid.

What looks from the Golden Globes are you hoping to re-create? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for more straight-off-the-red carpet tutorials.