Who doesn’t love a terrarium? They are so easy to take care of (perfect for those of us that lack a green thumb), are easy to make, and can be planted in just about anything! Apothecary or candy jars make the perfect vessel for a closed terrarium (a terrarium with a lid) and provide some extra room for accessorizing!

 – apothecary jar (available on Amazon)

– succulents (get these at a local plant shop or Etsy)

– soil

– rocks

– activated charcoal

– moss

– a knitting needle or something to help you maneuver items inside the terrarium

– a few fun items to add character to your finished terrarium


1. Clean your apothecary jar and gather your supplies.

2. Start by adding rocks.

3. Next up is the activated charcoal.

4. Place a layer of spongy moss now.

5. Add your soil and succulents.

6. Go wild with your terrarium accessories — this is the fun part!

Gather all the supplies for your terrarium. Supplies can be found online or at your local garden store. We bought our activated charcoal and moss on Etsy.

Make sure that your jar is clean (give it a quick rinse with some soap and water) and add your rocks which serve as a drainage system for this little eco system.

Next add your charcoal, which helps to keep your soil fresh! Place a thin layer of moss atop the charcoal before adding your plants and soil to help absorb excess water.

Add soil to the jar, and loosen up the roots on your succulent to make it easier to plant in the soil.

Dress up your terrarium with a few extras — a little more moss, old jewelry, colorful rocks, wire gift toppers or little animals make great additions! This terrarium is winter inspired with some white pearl wire and an old snowflake brooch!

Helpful tips for taking care of your terrarium: Make sure to keep your closed terrarium out of direct light — as it has a lid it will need little watering and basically becomes its own thriving ecosystem. Too much light could overheat the terrarium and kill the plants so be sure to place it in indirect sun. Make sure not to overwater, and if the terrarium has too much condensation, remove the lid for a half-day to let some of the water evaporate.

Have you ever made or bought a terrarium? Is it still thriving? Talk to us in the comments below.