The iPhone 6S is relatively water-proof (don’t quote us on that), practically bend-proof and well on its way to breaking all sorts of smartphone sales records. Yep, Tim Cook was right, the Apple handset is certainly one beloved smart gadget. In fact, there’s very little to complain about the iPhone other than one thing, battery life. That complaint has plagued the tech giant for years.

To remedy that, with the iOS 9 software update came the brand new “Low Power Mode,” which turns off auto fetching of emails, lowers your screen’s brightness and other battery saving techniques. The setting, which you are auto-prompted to turn on when your iPhone hits 20 percent, is said to give you an extra hour of battery life. That’s pretty darn good. But what if you just turned on Low Power Mode for the whole day? Matt Birchler of Birchtree decided to test it out.


Matt found that keeping his iPhone on “Low Power Mode” didn’t just make a tiny difference — it increased his battery life per day by a whopping average of 38.7 percent. And it’s as simple as the flip of a switch. On his blog, Matt wrote, “On average, my battery was at 17 percent at midnight in normal mode, but 49 percent in Low Power Mode.” That’s a huge difference.

Low Power Mode iPhone

Matt did find that you run into a couple of issues with “Low Power Mode” however, like when you’re charging your phone and it hits 80 percent, the feature will automatically turn off. It’s a hassle to have to go back into Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode again, but you can also ask Siri to turn it on for you.

The solution here certainly seems easy and pain free. Test this out and tell us how it works out for you!

Will you be trying out Low Power Mode all day? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t BGR, graph via Birchtree)