Yes, we know, the iPhone 6S is still busy selling like hotcakes in its first week on the public market, yet the rumor mill is already churning for the Apple鈥檚 next iPhone endeavor. It鈥檚 Apple-mania, man. But this time, the latest rumor originates from China鈥檚 social media site Weibo, which has consistently been accurate (though sometimes wildly聽inaccurate)in some of their iPhone predictions in the past 鈥 like with the rose gold color option, the reduced battery capacity for the 6S/6S Plus and the updated 12 mpx camera.

If rumors are to be believed, iPhone 7 is supposed to come with the new A10 processor chip produced by Taiwanese semi-conductor giant TSMC, a totally flat LCD screen and that it won鈥檛 share the same metal casing as its 6/6 Plus and 6S/6S Plus predecessors. Hmm鈥 intriguing. But according to BGR, one of the most exciting updates is that the handset is *possibly* going to be waterproof. It won鈥檛 be the first waterproof smartphone if that鈥檚 the case (Sony鈥檚 Xperia phones have been waterproof since 2013), but it will be revolutionary for iPhones. For anyone who has ever had a toilet related mishap, you鈥檒l feel me on this.


In fact, the iPhone 6S/6S Plus may already be pretty damn waterproof. This video shows that the handset continued to work even after an hour underwater. (Warning: Do not try this at home). Check out the video below.

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(h/t BGR,聽photo via Apple)