If you’re STILL waiting in line at an Apple store while you’re reading this, hats off to you — people are getting their hands on the iPhone 6S today. Ahh, it seems like not that long ago that we were all sitting around in lines waiting for the iPhone 6/6 Plus to drop. It was only a short year ago that Bendgate happened. We know that Apple, in hopes of preventing Bendgate 2.0, has reinforced the weak spots of the iPhone shell. Plus, the new exterior is made with Apple’s custom 7000 aluminum alloy, which is supposed to be much, much stronger than before. According to MacRumors, there should be no Bendgate 2.0, and they have the video from the guys at FoneFox to prove it.


Christian from FoneFox starts by trying to bend the phone alone. He tries bending the phone so hard, his hands shake.


Nope. The phone will not give. Not even a dent. That new Apple alloy is STRONG.


So then he enlists the help of his friend so that can tag team bending the phone. We gotta say, it doesn’t look like they’re going easy on the handset at all :(


It’s literally five attempts in total — three of those tries with two men giving it all they’ve got — before they finally achieve a teeny little bend in the weak spot. Trust us, guys, this iPhone 6S Plus is NOT going to be bending in your pocket. Good job, Apple!

Check out the (kind of painful to watch) video below.

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(h/t MacRumors, photos via Apple)