Just as we were starting to get all the essentials prepped for our Mad Men premiere party 鈥 the final seven episodes begin April 5 on AMC, FYI 鈥 we discovered something else to celebrate in the world of Sterling Cooper & Partners. If you think we鈥檙e talking about spoilers for these last few episodes, you鈥檙e way off because it鈥檚 something waaay outside the boardroom. It鈥檚 baby news and the newborn鈥檚 name is giving us anything but the blues.

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Jessica Par茅, who plays Don Draper鈥檚 wife on the show, gave birth to her first child on Thursday, March 19. Blues Anthony Par茅 Kastner joins the expanding family of Jessica鈥檚 boyfriend, John Kastner, and his daughter, Summer Lee. Considering little Blues鈥 dad John is a musician, we love the sentimentality of the totally unique musical name, especially for a girl (James Reynolds, you may have just been topped!).

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Since we are living in the digital generation, the duo announced the birth of their newborn via John鈥檚 Instagram with a snap of Blues being held by his big sister. Who knew so much cuteness could be contained in a square shot.

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As if the sibling snap wasn鈥檛 already adorable, the couple also used the social media platform to announce their pregnancy. We鈥檙e totally not in the age of Mad Men anymore.

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If you鈥檙e looking to get inspired by the rhythms of a musically-tinged name, may we suggest some bonus names that are sure to be earworms: Harmony, Piper, Harper, Melody, Celeste or Viola. Now get to belting out those names.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Par茅鈥檚 baby name? Let us know in the comments.

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