Baby names are always a hot topic, up for debate between more than just the parents of said baby. While there are plenty of popular names out there and ones that will top the charts next year, some don’t want a name that can be found in nearly every playground and preschool room. Luckily for them, Nameberry has scoured the bottom of the extended popularity list to find the most unique names… EVER.

The baby name database states that only five babies per year have the following names. Although now that we’re writing about them, we bet that number could be bumped up to 10 pretty soon ;)

Unique Boy Names

1. Chaplin: Any fan of the famously funny silent era actor will get a kick out of this one.

2. Frazier: This Scottish name, similar to Kelsey Grammer’s popular sitcom (that’s Frasier with an “s”), has an unknown history. That could be good if you want your boy to be mysterious.

3. Poet: This is a natural name for a boy born into a family of writers. Also, how cute is the nickname Po?

4. Remus: With Latin origins, this name played a big part in Harry Potter’s life in the book series. Any little one with this big name is bound for an honorable journey.

5. Satchel: This one is more of a nickname, but with celebs like Woody Allen and Spike Lee naming their children this, it is bound to gain more appeal.

Unique Girl Names

1. Amandine: Popular in France, this French name means “a garnish of almonds.” This nutty name is pretty beautiful if you ask us.

2. Briony: This spin on Brianna and Brittany can be found in the pages of — and in the film — Atonement (remember Keira Knightley’s character’s sister?).

3. Gazelle: Guarantee your girl will be a track star with this graceful name.

4. Hilaria: Who doesn’t want a funny lady in the family? The gal who gets this name could be doing standup routines before she walks… or might turn into a yogi like fellow Hilaria, Ms. Baldwin.

5. Thisbe: This mythological name from ancient Babylon was the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet. Wherefore out thou, Thisbe?

Find even more of the unconventional names at Nameberry or in their Guide to Off-the-Grid Baby Names.

Do any of these unusual names intrigue you for your little one? Let us know in the comments below.