We’ve shared our ultimate picks for gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and hair accessories that you can totally make yourself. And we hope they’ve served as inspiration to kickstart your handmade accessory collection for the season. But now that you’ve made these amazing pieces, where are you going to store your new bling? Since we’d never lead you into the dark like that, we’re presenting you with 28 outstanding ways to keep your jewelry organized.

Necklace Organization

1. Hanger Jewelry Holder: This hanger hack looks stunning against a plain brick or heavy patterned wall. Spruce it up even more by painting on a metallic coat to achieve this gorgeous, yet functional display. (via Getty)

2. Frame and Moulding Organizer: Flea markets are prime hunting grounds for second hand hidden treasure just waiting to be repurposed, like an old frame. Take it from a totally toss-able pieces to multi-functional organizer using wood glue, power tools, and a bit of elbow grease.

3. Saucer and Shot Glass Tiered Tray: Stack your way to stylish jewelry organization with an antique plate tiered tray. Clear shot glasses support decorative dessert plates or saucers perfect for catching your most-worn pieces that never quite make it back in their proper places.

4. Painted Prehistoric Toy Ring Holders: We can’t stop smiling at the ideas of adorable painted prehistoric toys. Toss your rings onto the pink mammoth tusks and try tying your favorite bracelets around the dino’s striped pastel neck.


5. Jenga Set Necklace Rack: Sometimes you just need a board game to stay in place. Keep your Jenga pieces from tumbling by turning the loose wooden blocks into a sturdy necklace rack. This project really gives a whole new meaning to color-blocking. Get it!? (via Brit + Co)

6. Table Antlers: Antlers have a naturally jagged shape that makes them a perfect material for a DIY. Glam up an outdoorsy decoration with gold and glitter embellishments.

7. Lace Doily Bowls: Crochet doilies will go from soft and frilly to stiff and strong overnight for this DIY idea. We’re going gaga over the thought of a romantic trio too.

8. Cutlery Tray Necklace Organizer: Cutlery trays are already perfectly compartmentalized, so it makes sense to use them to neatly store necklaces with the addition of some clear knobs and cup hooks. We love the different freehand patterns in each cubby!


9. Animal Jewelry Holder: Glam up the circus tent with another great way to use mini animal toys. For extra support, use multiples of each animal as a storage vessel for your most precious jewels. (via A Beautiful Mess)

10. Twig and Twine Jewelry Hanger: A long durable twig can be hard to come by, so when you stumble upon a branchy beaut, be sure to snatch it up for a jewelry DIY. Once the S-hooks and wrapped twine are super glued in place, try adding feathers or small dreamcatchers to each stick-end for a Southwestern vibe.

11. Utensil Holder Jewelry Stand: Impulse buys at the checkout line can be a very good thing when you think outside the box. A kitchen utensil holder can easily be repurposed to a pencil holder, a DIY lighting cover, or in this case, a jewelry stand. Paired with a chunky candle holder to give it some height, there’s plenty of space both inside and out to store your gems.

12. Cork Board Panel Display: Think of a panel display as real life Pinterest boards for your different kinds of jewelry! Add a pop of color to the cork boards with acrylic paint. We love how a white-stamped board turns out.


13. Acrylic Earring Organizer: Keep your earrings, sunglasses and scarves in one easy-to-find and awesome-to-look-at place. We dig the shabby chic vibe of this distressed window frame. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Chalkboard Necklace Hanger: We love how darling, slightly scalloped edges make a wooden block feel. And when you’ve got a chalkboard as the backdrop to your necklace organizer, be sure to scribble a pampering note to your pretty self in the background.

15. Braided Yarn: Thick braided yarn makes a graceful jewelry display. Play with the length of several strands and dramatically drape it around your vanity.

16. Hanging Mesh Jewelry Holder: Thin fishing wire gives the illusion that a mesh jewelry holder is floating in space. We can’t stop thinking that the dangling necklaces makes it look like a jewel-toned jellyfish!


17. Standing Accessory Display: Minimize the amount of holes you drill in your wall while maximizing your accessory organization with this standing display. The final product will take up a good part of a wall, so be extra space conscious before hauling home a four-foot wood panel. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18. Ombre Necklace Rack: Ombre quickly captivated the hearts and wardrobes of statement-makers everywhere, and it’s quickly borashing into the realm of homewares. Jump on the trend with an ombre necklace rack, made with inch-and-a-half-long segments of a wooden dowel.

19. Framed Chevron Painted Cork Board: Paint a chevron pattern on a corkboard to achieve a chic DIY that would fit perfectly in any penthouse. We love the modern contrast between the lighter shades of grey and the dark wood frame.

20. Paint Tray Earring Holder: There’s beauty in simplicity, especially when it’s totally functional too! Paint trays were stacked and given a clean white coat, but we think we’d paint each little bay it’s own bright color so it looked like a real painter’s palate!


21. Dreamcatcher Earring Caddy: This dreamy earring hanger is perfect for those with a substantial collection of dangling beaded or feather earrings. Creating the geometric web is fun, especially when you pattern and improvise with pattern and color. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Driftwood Jewelry Rack: Adopt a lonely piece of driftwood next time you’re at the beach and bring it home for this resourceful DIY. We love the rustic feel the unfinished wood and medley of knobs give a jewelry rack.

23. Hanging Teacup Display: Coffee drinkers, finally get some good use out of your dainty teacup set! Glue the tea cup to each dessert plate at an angle to have a toppling tea party the Mad Hatter would definitely approve of.

24. Painted Hooks Accessory Organizer: Take an assortment of hooks from hodgepodge to super swanky with one coat of paint. Varied bold colors give each hook a distinct personality, making it easier to remember which accessory belongs on which hook.


25. Jewelry Bust: Strike a pose on your good side for this DIY. Though this project is a bit more involved to take from start to finish, who wouldn’t want to put in the time to make an amazing modern bust? (via I Heart Organizing)

26. Pallet and Pipe Jewelry Holder: The curved shape of copper plumbing hardware is a perfect substitute for a traditional look. We love how the faded finish tames the rich teal color of the painted wood pallet.

27. Gold Monogram Dishes: Transform a plain white dish into an elegantly monogrammed accessory vessel. Personalizing a dish is simple — just draw the outline of your initial in pencil before you trace over it with gold leaf pen.

28. Wooden Tray Organizer: If one too many drinks spilled has nicked away at your wooden serving tray, give it a new life in the form of a hanging jewelry organized. The wooden spool “hooks” give this piece a warm, homey feel.

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Additional reporting by Sarah Koller