It happens to all of us: As we accumulate more stuff over the years, we find ourselves getting buried in clutter. While we鈥檇 all love to downsize our lives, we still need to find solutions for the everyday essentials we keep around the house, from cleaning supplies to makeup.聽Not everyone can be Marie Kondo, but we can find ways to organize everything we own so we can live clean and clutter-free. Scroll on for our favorite organizational products to keep your home in tip-top shape.

1.聽Kikkerland Bedside Caddy聽($20):聽Wouldn鈥檛 you just love to have your bedside table to look as cute and tidy as an IKEA catalog? Well, you can keep that surface clean and stow your current book, reading glasses, morning vitamins, and any other typical nightstand items in this bedside caddy so they鈥檙e out of sight.

2.聽InterDesign Classico Scarf Closet Organizer Hanger聽($8):聽You love your scarves year-round when the occasion is right, but what do you do with them when you鈥檙e not wearing 鈥檈m? As convenient as a pile on the floor may be, this hanger upgrade聽keeps your precious accessories neat and saves space. Pro tip: It also works well for ties.

3.聽Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers聽($12): If your dresser is a tangled mess of who-knows-what, here鈥檚 a solution to save the day. Foldable inserts that you can arrange in any formation you鈥檇 like will have you channeling your inner Martha in no time flat.

4. Nifty聽K-Cup Carousel聽($15):聽If you love (need) coffee as much as we do, that Keurig you bought is surely your favorite thing in your home 鈥 but the mountain of K-cups definitely is not. Instead of using boring boxes, arrange your coffee selection in a gorgeous carousel that you鈥檒l gladly put on display.

5.聽YouCopia TeaStand聽($25):聽Tea lovers don鈥檛 just stick to one kind of brew. In fact, you probably have bags upon bags of chais, English breakfasts, and聽herbal blends to choose from. Make some extra room by swapping out the tea boxes for this handy organizer, so you can find your favorite聽tea even faster.

6.聽DecoBros Spice Rack Stand聽($30):聽Do you spend most of your dinner prep time searching through the spice drawer or shelf, checking every label to see if you actually still have that bottle of basil the recipe calls for? The search is over. Display your spices just like your mom and grandma do with a rack that鈥檚 as pretty as it is practical.

7. Metro Decor聽Food Storage Lid Organizer聽($13):聽When the meal is over, the dreaded task of finding the right lid for leftovers begins amongst an avalanche of plastic. Keep your Tupperware tops straight with a rack so you never have to play that guessing game again.

8.聽SimpleHouseware Stackable 2 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer聽($30): Cleaning becomes a real chore when your supplies get messy too. With this drawer system, you can take advantage of vertical space 鈥 so you don鈥檛 have to dig through a dark, dank under-sink cabinet聽every time you need to reach for the Windex.

9.聽Sorbus Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin聽($19):聽These storage baskets can be stowed in the closet or on a shelf for all your odds and ends. So you can finally clear out that junk drawer and organize everything into its own tidy and attractive place.

10.聽Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes聽($14):聽We get it. Every shade of red lipstick is different and unique, so you just can鈥檛 pare down your lippies. With this storage caddy you can keep *all* your favorite makeup organized and at your fingertips.

11.聽Periea Handbag Organizer聽($10+):聽Sure, ginormous聽totes are convenient, but they quickly turn into black holes of 鈥渟tuff鈥 if we鈥檙e not careful. If you鈥檙e one of those people who tends to accumulate lots of things in their bag (*raises hand*), this organizer will keep track of all those little items that you鈥檙e constantly rummaging for.

12.聽Shacke Pak Packing Cubes聽($23):聽Packing is every disorganized person鈥檚 nightmare. How exactly do flight attendants manage to fit two pairs of shoes, a bathing suit, a uniform, and other essentials in a tiny carry-on? You too can pack like a pro with these miraculous聽space-saving cubes.

13.聽Smart&Cool Mop and Broom Holder聽($11):聽Apartment dwellers, are you squeamish about keeping your dirty mop or dusty broom in the same closet as your adorable (and expensive) winter聽coat? If you鈥檙e low on space, this wall-mounted broom holder is your answer.

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