Justin Bieber loves little seven-year-old John Phillip Bughaw鈥檚 slick moves to 鈥淪orry鈥 and so do we! In a new video posted by the dancing phenom from the Philippines who now calls himself Balang, he struts his stuff, shakes his hips, and gives it all he鈥檚 got 鈥 and what he鈥檚 got is a whole heck of a lot of awesomeness.

After seeing the video, the Biebs responded with an appropriately praising, 鈥淜ills it.鈥

With moves that are as amazing as his outfit and having already appeared on The Ellen Show multiple times with 鈥淪ingle Ladies鈥 and 鈥淲atch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)鈥 performances, this kid is sure to be a superstar.

Seriously, Biebs, you need to hire this kid as one of your dancers. Or maybe Beyonc茅 needs a little mover & groover in her crew.

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(h/t MTV; photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)