This season’s Bachelorette has taught us a lot of life lessons about modern day dating, hard choices and now, about makeup. Makeup is a major player during monumental life events, like weddings, even graduation and, yes, Final Rose ceremonies ;) Looking back on your photos, you want to make sure you look your best — and NOT having raccoon eyes is always preferable. That’s why waterproof mascara is generally considered a staple in these moments. Or so you would think.


With heartbreak and hot tubs at every turn, one might assume that waterproof eye makeup was a part of Kaitlyn’s daily look but surprisingly, according to an interview with InStyle, Kaitlyn’s makeup artist Gina Modica chose not to use waterproof mascara but went with a drugstore staple instead.


Her MUA used Kaitlyn’s fave (and a major celeb and beauty blogger must-have) L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara ($8), which you can find at any local drugstore. Score! This budget friendly formula makes Kaitlyn’s long lashes totally attainable.


Plus, continuing on with wallet-friendly products, Modica added that she really made Kaitlyn’s eyes pop with some false eyelashes by Ardell ($4). According to the interview, they went through so many pairs of these, they had to bulk order them. Adding falsies to your already mascara-coated lashes is a one-two punch to helping you achieve maximum fluttery lash status.

*Bats lashes*

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(h/t InStyle)