There’s nothing we love more around here at Brit + Co than a good makeup hack — the entire DIY beauty section of our website is practically dedicated to them. So when we read about Coco Rocha’s “stacked” lashes trick at the American Ballet Theatre’s Spring Gala, which (look closely) used colored mascara on her natural fringe + a set of fluttering falsies on top to create a multidimensional blue smokey eye effect, we freaked out a little bit.


Not only is Coco’s striking makeup statement major inspo for adding unexpected color into your summer makeup routine, but also, it turns out that getting the look is a lot simpler that it sounds. In fact, is just two simple lash DIYs away, and we’ve already done the tutorials. Read below as we break down her bold lash hack, a red carpet-worthy look you can copy IRL in less than 10 minutes and for under $30.

STEP 1: DIY Your Own Colored Mascara


While we love the colored mascara look when done right (here for instance), it has a time and place, and so splurging on a tube of eye-popping pigment isn’t exactly something we’re down to do. So, we saved up by DIY-ing our own colored mascara using makeup we already had in our kits: mascara primer + colored liquid eyeliner. For this look, apply a few coats of mascara primer to plump your natural lashes, then paint your fringe with a liquid liner in the color of your choice. We love Coco’s cobalt blue, but a bright teal hue is also one of our faves.

STEP 2: Hack the Kardashian Lash Look


While the color on your natural lashes creates the pop, the addition of false lashes will add that sultry volume and dimension. To make the look as natural-looking as possible, use two sets of subtle fringe in place of one mondo set.


Apply your first set using tweezers, then glue the second directly over the first to get that naturally flirty flutter. Now you never have to choose between full lashes and a pop of color ever again.

What celebrity beauty hacks are you swooning over? Share your faves with us in the comments below.

(h/t Refinery 29, Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)