We have a mind-blowing fact for you: 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills. With numbers like that, it鈥檚 no wonder the eco-fashion movement has gained so much steam, and this Kickstarter is one we鈥檙e willing to back in pledges and in its mission. It鈥檚 setting out to do something about that staggering stat in one of the coolest ways we鈥檝e heard of, by turning mens鈥 shirts into adorable kids鈥 clothes.

Karino Kallio is the founder and designer of Kallio, the sustainable kids鈥 clothing line behind this campaign. The adorable sundresses and tops you see in these pix are a) so cute and b) made mostly from mens鈥 button-downs. Think of it as workwear turned playwear!

Each garment is selected for its pattern and fabric quality. After it鈥檚 picked and cut, the kids鈥 pieces are sewn by members of a women鈥檚 cooperative in the historic garment district in New York. Keeping it local makes it just that much more sustainable. The tags even encourage you to 鈥渞epair holes鈥 and 鈥渉and it down.鈥

Kallio wants to open a brick and mortar location in Williamsburg called Kallio workSHOP, and to do it, she鈥檚 raising funds on Kickstarter. The shop will not only be the face and home of the brand, but a place for pop-up shops from other designers and sustainable design workshops. Yes, we鈥檙e already adding this future hotspot to our list of places and maker spaces to visit next time we鈥檙e in the Big Apple.

This is the last weekend to donate to this awesome idea so get more info about the campaign here.

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(h/t Fast Company)