Add fashion philanthropist to the top of our list of reasons why we love Pharrell. Beyond his sweet music and production skills for days (um, well, yearsss), and after a collab or two we were already shopping, Pharrell is making his moving into the world of sustainable fashion. No, he’s not selling the park ranger hats he’s famous for. He’s designing jeans for G-Star Raw and using clothing for a good cause while he’s at it.

The new RAW for the Ocean campaign, takes trash and plastic from our waterways, and recycles them into jeans. Very stylish jeans, we might add.

Plastic pollution is retrieved from the ocean, making a dent in the 700 million tons of the stuff polluting big blue. The plastic is shredded into fibers, then mixed with cotton, creating a new product called Bionic yarn.

The yarn is used to weave and knit the fabrics that become the jeans, shirts, jackets and sweaters in the RAW for the Ocean line.

All the unique looks feature quotes from Pharrell and cool water-inspired prints. This collection is perfect for anyone who wants to look cool and maybe do a little good at the same time.

The pieces are on sale now at G-Star’s website. Prices do run a little higher than what you’d expect at H&M, but think about it this way: the proceeds go towards raising money to increase clothing production, promote ocean health, and continue pulling plastic pollution from the water that supports us.

And while we’re talking about how great this stylish project is, can we please take a moment to acknowledge the cute touches Pharrell puts on the project? Case and point, this animated video (with a pretty great soundtrack):

Would you wear these jeans to save our oceans? What do you think about recycling trash into clothes? Tell us below!