Kanye West may not be good at censoring his feels (see: his 11-minute Video Vanguard acceptance speech at this year’s VMAs), but Yeezy is certainly good at sending ladies flowers. To celebrate her first Mother’s Day this past year, he gave wife Kim Kardashian “a couple thousand roses” scattered in vases across her hotel room. Today, Kanye sent another batch of blooms to fellow VIP (Very Important Pop Star), Taylor Swift. And as expected, she didn’t receive a typical bouquet.


The mesmerizing arrangement of hundreds of white flowers was totally vaseless, standing on its own with blooms bursting in all directions. Kind of like a mini version of the backdrop Kim and Kanye got married in front of. There’s no doubt that the flowers were gorgeous, but the piece itself made us scratch our heads. Why did it look so much like an ottoman? Was there cake under there, and since it’s that big, is someone going to pop out of there? Even though Taylor called it “the coolest” in her Instagram photo, she looks just as confused about the whole thing as we are.

Whether they’re official makeup flowers or a gift to celebrate Taylor’s place as a running mate in campaign #KanTay2020, we just want to know where the thing is gonna go after it leaves that folding table.

(Photos via Larry Busacca/Getty + @taylorswift)