Re:Make 2016 is underway at Fort Mason *right now* and it’s already been a day full of inspiration. From hearing how our #IAmCreative foundation winners are going to change the world (NBD) to learning how VR is going to disrupt a slew of industries, today’s creative chats are seriously impressive.

One of our fave chats so far today has been hearing insight about the beauty industry from Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp. This Harvard-educated lady schooled us on the future of the beauty industry and some of her can’t-live-without products (you can hear her full list in the Facebook Live video below!). Here are five nuggets of knowledge we learned from Katia today.

1. Katia believes that beauty is related to feminism. During her talk, Katia made heads turn when she said, “Dry shampoo is fueling the feminist movement.” Never thought we’d hear the words “dry shampoo” and “feminist movement” in the same sentence. BOOM.

2. Birchbox wants to be your beauty-obsessed BFF. Birchbox’s goal is to feel like your BFF that has the absolute best advice, product recs and tricks to keep you looking your best. If you ask us, they’ve 100% feel like our bestie ;)

3. Birchbox’s secret weapon has been hiring young, new moms. This statement from Katie was one that really resonated with our audience today. After she confidently said that young, new mommas were bringing new life into Birchbox, there were visible “YAHOOs!” and “WOOPS!” heard from the audience.

4. She cold-emailed Steve Jobs — and got a response. When Katia was in college, she guessed Steve Jobs’ email address to let him know she thought Apple was missing a selling opportunity with students. Jobs responded (!) and offered her a discount. Seriously impressive.

5. Your hair takes two weeks to adjust to using dry shampoo. After two weeks, your hair will adjust and produce less oil, so if you’re one of those people who *thinks* you have to wash your hair every day, you’re WRONG! Try dry shampoo for a week, and let your hair do its thing.

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