You guys, we’ve been hit hard by the travel bug here at Brit + Co. Traveling has been proven to make you more creative, and who doesn’t love trying out new foods, experiencing new cultures and exploring new cities? We already gave you a dose of inspiration with our fave female travelers on Instagram, so think of this as the final push you need to book that ticket and pack your bags. Follow these 16 travel blogs to get started on your next big adventure — they’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to plan the most epic getaway possible.

1. Oneika the Traveller: Canadian-bred Oneika has travelled the world through various teaching opportunities. Currently a middle school teacher in Hong Kong, she has been to over 70 countries and shows no sign of stopping.

2. Just One Way Ticket: Sabrina not only shows us all the amazing places she’s been to, but also gives in-depth guides on places to stay and things to do in various cities and countries.

3. The Shooting Star: At 23, Shivya Nath left behind her job and home in India to hit the road indefinitely. This badass traveler has hitchhiked in Romania, lived amongst chocolate farmers in Costa Rica and swum with sharks in Malaysia.

4. The Everywhereist: Geraldine started her blog while she was following her husband around for work, and it’s basically a love letter to him at its core (can you say aww?). What started as a way for her husband to keep the memories of all the places they had been has turned into an award-winning travel blog.

5. Legal Nomads: What Jodi thought was a one-year break from her law career turned into a seven-year foodie adventure that she’s still on. She features resources for world travelers and foodies alike, including a guide book on street foods around the world.

6. P.S. I’m On My Way: 26-year-old Trisha worked in fashion before quitting her job to travel the world. She volunteers everywhere she goes, not only to get free food and accommodation, but also to learn first-hand how the locals eat, speak and live (this is how she’s learned to speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Italian).

7. Hitha On The Go: While Hitha Palepu doesn’t feature her actual travels much, her packing guides and travel tips are seriously life-changing. After reading her blog, we promise you will know how to pack more effectively and travel with only a carry on.

8. A Dangerous Business: This small-town girl from Ohio turned her love of Lord of The Rings into a desire to travel the world (and a great blog name). After her first trip to New Zealand, she was bitten by the travel bug and started quickly crossing things off her bucket list.

9. Girl Tweets World: Jayne’s blog originally started out as 40 before 30, where she chronicled her travels to 40 countries before she turned 30. She continues to blog about her travels from her home base in Australia, and her site is full of travel, eating and blogging tips.

10. Girl vs. Globe: 21-year-old Sabina has already been to so many places that we’re a little embarrassed and a whole lot envious. She mixes her passion for travel and fashion in a blog that’s part adventure and part style.

11. The Travel Hack: Monica’s blog all started when she bought a backpack and a one-way ticket to Australia. While she loves to explore new cultures and get her hands dirty, she also shows us the stylish side of her travels with luxurious-yet-affordable hotels and restaurants.

12. Mali Mish: This family of five (plus one cat) spend 10 months of the year living, working and traveling through America in their Airstream, which they lovingly named “Mali Mish.” Their blog has captured their travels through 48 states as well as the addition of their two younger children to their band of travelers.

13. That Backpacker: Audrey is a full-time travel blogger and photographer — she and her husband travel so much they each have their own blog. You can also follow Audrey and her journey on the YouTube Channel she shares with her husband, Samuel & Audrey.

14. The Travelling Light: Katie has been winging it around the world since 2011, spending six months of the year on the road and six months at home in Australia. Beware: Following her adventures might cause MAJOR wanderlust.

15. On The Luce: If quitting your job to travel the world isn’t something you can do (because let’s face it, how many of us can?), On The Luce is the blog for you. Lucy is a self-proclaimed part-time traveler and shows us how to balance life, work and travel.

16. One World One Year: Married couple Mark and Brtinee saved up, quit their jobs and decided to take a trip around the world for a year. Their journey started in May 2014, and now that they’re nearing the end of their one year, you can catch a glimpse of all the crazy adventures they’ve had.

What are some of your favorite places to travel, and do you have any words of wisdom to share? Let us know in the comments below.