We all enjoy a good summer wedding. We love the bright colors, the warm weather and the beautiful outdoors, and we are all about the sun-kissed wedding photography. However, the scene can turn from heart-melting to just plain melting in a matter of minutes. If your special day heats up, you can be prepared with these tips on keeping everyone cool at a summer wedding.


1. Personalized Ice Cream Sandwiches: We already love ice cream sandwiches, so when we saw this mini frozen dessert, we got really excited. If you want to take it to the next level, add a personalized wrapper to each one that showcases your wedding hashtag. We can’t think of a sweeter way to document a wedding on social media! (via Blondielocks)

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2. Watermelon Sticks: Watermelon is one of our favorite fruits, and we definitely eat our fair share of it throughout the summer. Because it is so refreshing, it’s ideal to combat the heat. Cut the watermelon into triangles and slide them onto sticks so guests can easily munch on them without making a mess. (via Caroline Tran)


3. Snow Cones: Take refreshment to a whole new level with this Hawaiian-inspired treat. Guests can customize their dessert with flavored syrups of their choice and cool down thanks to the shaved ice. Plus, think of all of the cute photos! (via Christie Pham Photography)


4. Otter Pops: Bring guests back to their childhood with these frozen favorites. Just buy a few boxes and store them in an ice chest to keep them chilled for hours. We love how simple these are to serve, and that the wrapper keeps hands (mostly) clean. (via Aaron Watson Photography)

5. Souvenir Sunglasses: Block out that overly bright sun with colorful shades. Personalize them with your and your spouse’s names, as well as the date of your wedding, to add a special touch. Place the sunglasses in a bin for guests to grab on their way to their seats. (via Vitae Weddings)

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6. Program Fans: Who knew programs could be so useful? Add a handle to let your wedding programs double as fans so guests can stay cool throughout the entire ceremony and reception. They also act as a great favor to commemorate your special day. (via Marni Rothschild Pictures)

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7. Wedding Cabana: Create a safe haven from the sun by using pillows, drapes and couches to make the space comfortable and to keep the lounge in the shade. Cute signage or banners can double as a backdrop that guests can take pictures with and tag on social media. (via Melissa Fuller Photography / Found Vintage Rentals)

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8. Parasol Favors: We cannot get enough of these adorable favors. Not only do they protect people from the sun, but they also make for cute accessories. For an extra-special touch, tag each favor with a design or note that is meaningful to you. (via Mikkel Paige Photography / Color Pop Events)

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9. Fresh Lemonade: Lemonade is so refreshing and energizing! You can even add in pieces of fruit to sweeten things up. If you want to get fancy, add some berries or mint leaves into ice cubes to decorate the drinks. (via Lavender and Twine Photography / All You Need Is Love Events)

What’s your favorite “beat the heat” wedding trend? Follow our Pinterest for more ideas!