If you’ve been paying attention, you likely know that Kesha is in the middle of a powerful comeback. Not only is she completely inspiring us by revealing how she’s been healing through her music amid her drawn-out legal battles, but she was moved to actual tears onstage this week in a moment that will totally touch your heart.

Performing “Woman” live for the first time ever in Iowa on Thursday night, the singer attempted to introduce the song by telling fans that the tune she was about to tackle might be tough. “This could suck really, really bad,” she said. “But, we’re gonna probably do it.” After thanking her fans, the singer had to walk away from the microphone before even singing a single note as she was overcome with emotion at *finally* being able to sing her new material onstage.

When the crowd realized what was happening, they began chanting her name and calling out “We love you!” One fan even stepped in from the side to give her a hug and dry her tears (a move that only seemed to make her cry more).

Taking a moment to pull herself together, Kesha eventually rallied with a joyful smile to complete her inspiring performance.

Check out the emotional moment for yourself in the clip above and just TRY not to shed a tear!

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(h/t BuzzFeed; photos via Tasos Katopodis /Getty)