Today there鈥檚 basically a 鈥Keurig鈥 for everything. From tortillas to alcohol, machines are now happy to crank out single servings of just whatever you wish. And hey, should you wish to hang out Snoop Dogg style (legally and medically, we鈥檙e sure), there鈥檚 now a Keurig for that too 鈥 except technically it鈥檚 not actually a Keurig. Introducing: the CannaCloud.

weed keurig

The CannaCloud is essentially a vaporizer that works by inserting a single pod of marijuana in the bottom. Press the big blue button on the machine to let the device heat up and the chamber to fill with vapor, and voila, the perfect amount for your chill Saturday eve 鈥 or perhaps the perfect pre-workout ritual before you head over to the world鈥檚 first weed gym.

The pods will be filled with marijuana grown legally by licensed growers. According to the very chill woman enjoying a hit from her CannaCloud in the demo video, the device has a detachable bottle you can pull off to suck the vapor out. But don鈥檛 feel like you have to inhale it all in one go like you did in college. It鈥檒l last in the bottle for up to 15 minutes.

Is this device totally necessary? I mean, debatable. Does it make the often-taboo pastime modernized, convenient and painless? For sure. Currently, the company has raised close to $1.6 million from investors and hopes to begin production in 2017 and hit shelves by 2018. Until then, it looks like you and your lighter are going to have to stick things out.

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(Photo via CannaKorp)