Oh Kickstarter, you never fail to inspire. The end of 2013 is packed to the max with unusual, innovative, and creative projects, and we’re here to round ’em up. From a cooler that also happens to be a blender to James Franco t-shirts, here are 10 new projects that made us look.

1. The Coolest Cooler: Remember when we thought we knew what it took to make the coolest cooler ever? Well, turns out we were mistaken. This cooler is, in fact, the coolest. In addition to being a cooler, it has a built-in blender, Bluetooth speakers to stream music, in-cooler lighting, and adjustable tie-downs making it easy to carry all your stuff. Amazing. Fork over $185 to be the coolest cat in town.

2. Gramovox: Old school meets new school in this gramophone-inspired new speaker. The sleek design and sound quality is modern, but the experience is meant to bring back a more nostalgic time, when people gathered around the gramophone to listen to new music, broadcasts, and the like. A pledge of $249 will get you one of the very first Gramovox speakers, and is expected to ship in May 2014.

3. Graphic Pop Culture Apparel: And finally, what do James Franco, Bill Murray, and Santa Claus have in common? They happen to be the beta designs involved in this new line of apparel by Clashist.

4. PowerUp 3.0: A paper airplane you can control with your smartphone? I guess it was only a matter of time. You can attach PowerUp’s smart module to a paper airplane made from special powerful paper, and control it from your phone. A pledge of $40 gets you a basic airplane package, including the smart module, a propeller, 5 sheets of PowerUp-certified paper templates, and a battery pack.

5. The Chivote Boombox Bag: First of all, don’t be confused by the name of this bag. It is not a portable boombox, but it is inspired by the shape and versatility of old school boomboxes and the like. Made from high quality leather, this bag can be worn in four different ways, has tons of pockets designed for your analog essentials as well as digital ones, and is terribly good-looking.

6. The Knuckler Multi-Tool: It seems that there is always a new multi-tool on the block, and this time it’s all about the Knuckler. At just 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches, this little powerhouse is portable and ready to get you out of a pickle. Tools include: scraper, can opener, twist cap opener, hex wrenches in many sizes, wire stripper, portractor, hook/wire cutter, bottle opener, and 1 1/2 inch ruler. Get your own for $16.

7. Hoodsie: It’s a hoodie and a onesie… in one! And, it’s made for adults and does not double as an animal costume. A project that is all about comfort, we could definitely get down with spending a day on a hoodsie during the cold winter months.

8. The Tuck: How annoying is that excess part of your belt that is always flopping around? You try tucking it in, using an elastic to hold it on place, and even double-stick tape, but nothing works. Enter, The Tuck. An adjustable loop that you can put on just about any belt, to tidy up that excess belt material. $20 gets you the standard set of The Tuck, which includes small, medium, and large loops in reversible black and brown.

9. The Wooden Tie Bar: Rustic meets gentlemanly? Don’t mind if we do. Pledge $20 to get on the list to be the first on your block with a lovely wooden tie bar.

10. WERKSHOP Leggings: And finally, high performance meets high fashion in the form of leggings! Not only are these patterns pretty darn awesome, but they also deliver on technical and performance needs for yoga, dance, and a regular old workout at the gym.

Have you ever funded something on Kickstarter? If so, what was it and how did it work out? Talk to us in the comments below.