Telmo Pieper, an artist from the Netherlands, found a box of his drawings from when he was four-years-old in his parents’ attic and was amused by the linear shapes and abstract line drawings. In his brand new series, “Kiddie Arts,” Pieper digitally recreates his old drawings into surreal versions of weirdly awesome animals like a whale shaped like a shoe, a miniature snail and alien flies.

“I was fascinated by how strange and great the line drawings were from when I was little,” Pieper said. “Surrealistic feel with a realistic subject — impossible to copy the style but possible to work it out further. So I did.”

Typical childlike drawings of boxy cars, bugs with huge eyes and birds with ruffled wings take on a new 3D life and even look vaguely believable.

Seeing the transformation of these rudimentary doodles makes us feel nostalgic about being a child and a time before we were burdened by perspective, reality and (mostly!) Photoshop.

What do you think of these stylized drawings? Can you picture some of your kiddie art done up in 3D? Let us know in the comments below!