Birthday cakes are a pretty big deal for kids. They end up in every photo album, and we all totally remember our epic cakes from years past. As a parent, relative or designated birthday cake provider, it can be a lot of pressure to deliver an impressive cake that both the kids and adults will love. You need to whip up something that’s #adorable and totally perfect for the theme. Enter the cute, colorful and creative birthday cakes below. If your kiddo is turning another year older soon (how does time go by so fast?!), these cakes will keep your celebratory dessert game strong.

kid cake candy cake

1. Candy Cake: This cake is a minimalist’s dream, and is perfect for the baker running low on time. Combining those two loves for cake and candy makes this cake almost too good to be true. (via You Are My Fave)

kid cake fruity pebble cake

2. Fruity Pebbles Cake: Leave the piped icing in the cupboard and opt for a colorful fruity cereal instead. Stick a few birthday candles in this gorgeous cake and you’ve made a breakfast lover’s dream come true. (via Chasing Delicious)

kid cake sprinkle hooray cake

3. Vanilla Buttercream Sprinkled Cake: This rainbow-sprinkled wonder is adorable on its own, but the festive cake toppers make it totally Insta worthy. Your guests won’t even miss the candles. (via Along Abbey Road)

kid cake fruit loops cake

4. Fruit Loop Cereal Milk Layer Cake: This cake is like edible Saturday morning cartoons. Bring back a childhood favorite for a seriously sweet birthday treat. (via Sweetest Menu)

kid cake jelly bean cake

5. Jelly Bean Layer Cake: Even a cake decorating newbie can knock it out of the park with this simple, color-packed decoration. It’s a genius cake hack. (via A Subtle Revelry)

kid cake balloon candles

6. Oh Happy Day Happy Balloon Pop Kits ($14+): Not to reinvent the wheel or anything, but… who needs to blow out candles when you can make a wish and pop these bad boys instead? If you’re running low on shipping time, DIY a few of your own with balloons and paper straws from the party store.

pizza cake

7. Pizza Cake: This amazing work of art is made for pizza parties and birthday celebrations, or just a normal Tuesday. It’s pizza. On a cake. (via Fork to Belly)

kid cake pinata cake

8. Piñata Cake: Candy and cake go hand-in-hand at any celebration, but turning a cake into a piñata? Go ahead and award this one all the party points. (via Roxana’s Home Baking)

kid cake lollipop candle

9. Oh Happy Day Lollipop Candles ($13): What’s a birthday cake without the biggest, most colorful candles to blow out? Just in case your guests get super excited for lollipops, pass out real ones as favors to bring home after the party.

kid cake rainbow checkerboard cake

10. Lemony Rainbow Checkerboard Cake: Cotton candy? Check. Rainbow sprinkles? Check. Delicious lemony rainbow checkerboard goodness on the inside? Check. This cake is perfect for a carnival-themed birthday party. (via Sprinklebakes)

furry fox cake

11. Furry Fox Cake: This critter cake is almost too cute to eat. Go for the extra point with some fox ears and tails for the birthday boy or girl. (via Handmade Charlotte)

rainbow balloon sprinkles cake

12. Birthday Balloon Sprinkle Cake: This precious personalized work of art doesn’t even require a candle. Your guests will be too focused on the magic flying balloon. (via Sweet Style Blog)

rainbow sprinkles cake

13. Sprinkled Flower Cake: There’s much love for the vintage number candles of our youth, but this stylish upgrade is way cooler. If you’re really feeling like you need to light something on fire for the birthday song, break out a few sparklers and you’ll be all set. (via Sprinkles for Breakfast)

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