Ever been drooling over a room you spotted on Insta or in a home goods catalog and then realized it was a kid’s bedroom? Same. Children’s room decor has come a long way from fluffy farm animals and cartoon characters. Rich colors, lush fabrics, and abstract prints are what the little ones are getting these days. We’d be thrilled to curl up in any of these gorgeous spaces.

1. Dusty Rose Dreams: This isn’t your typical pink bedroom. The combination of soft blush, dusty rose, and white, plus the frills and floral accents, makes for a princess-perfect room. And the swing? Swoon.

2. Mellow Yellow: Afraid mixing yellow and black is too bumblebee-ish? This buzzy room should put your fears to rest. Yellow pops of color warm up the starkness of the white palette.

3. Brown and Black: Who says you can’t use brown and black together? When the brown is a great light wood tone (like this bunk bed), and the black is simple (with clean, graphic patterns), you really can’t go wrong.

4. Modern Woods: It’s easy to go overboard with a theme, but this sweet woodland scene strikes the perfect balance. The rustic elements are broken up with the oversized abstract print, and the sweet-but-sophisticated stuffed animals tie it all together.

5. Pink and Polka Dots: Canopies are having a moment in children’s room decor, and this millennial pink canopy is a beautiful example of why. The pinky taupe of the walls and the bedding and the contrasting lantern garland make it modern, but not over the top.

6. Bold and Whimsical: There’s no reason kids have to stick with pale pastels. The vivid pink, yellow, and blue accents and whimsical touches like an ice cream print and a stuffed narwhal make the room really stand out.

7. Bunny Hop: The bunny-themed touches that surround this tranquil gray and white teepee make this trendy look anything but basic. And the navy blue accents in the room add depth to the color scheme.

8. A Swipe of Mustard: You don’t expect to see deep mustard yellow in a kid’s room, but this serene space makes it look totally natural. By limiting the bold color to the throw pillows, it’s just the right amount of color.

9. Print House: Classic black and white patterns reign supreme in this room, from the bedding and throw pillows to the road-map rug. The house-shaped bed frame and woven toy bin add architectural and textural interest.

10. The Bird House: The colorful bird prints that surround this loft bed let kids imagine they’re high in the sky. A lush, green plant, an ocean-blue futon, and a railing full of favorite books make the room really come alive.

11. Life Aquatic: Seafoam green is totally underrated, and it’s so great for a kid’s room. Paired with a black loft bed and an old-fashioned wooden desk, it’s a bold (but still calming) choice.

12. Grayscale: Gray is anything but boring when paired with pom-poms, fuzzy blankets, and a whimsical cat pillow. Using pink accents sparingly only enhances the muted hues.

13. Not-So-Boring Neutrals: On their own, neutrals like tan, white, black, and gray can be boring. But when they’re together — as seen here in the textured patterned rug and a weathered desk — they have an unexpected, understated richness.

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