Before baby, you were all starry-eyed with visions of a picture perfect nursery — a place your kid could call his own. Fast forward a few years, and you’ve experienced your fair share of panic attacks because “WHAT is all over the carpet!?” or “WHO wrote on the wall!?” Kids rooms are meant to be played in and lived in. So why not create a room that encourages creative play? If your youngster’s room is looking a bit, shall we say “bleh,” it’s time to do something about it. Raising a kid might be full of surprises, but it’ll be no surprise that your kid will be delighted with these DIYs that turn boring into brilliant. Watch out room, here we come.

1. Geometric Tasseled Pillows: Anyone up for a game of “can’t touch the floor?” Alright. Then you’re going to need some oversized pillows. Extra points if they’re brightly colored and come with tassels. (via Brit + Co)

2. DIY Drum Stool/Pouf: Give the gift of music. The kids will be delighted. (via Adriane at Home)

3. Simple Art Desk: Two boards and metal brackets create an instant wall desk and a spot your little Picasso won’t be able to resist. Here’s a bonus idea: Provide plenty of washi tape so they can proudly display their art on the wall, too. (via A Boo and the Boy)

4. DIY Chalkboard Stool: Chalk-painted stools can be decorated and re-decorated as many times as you like. (via Fraulein Klein)

5. Colorful Jumbo Floor Pillows: No matter if you’re looking to create a story-time reading nook or a nap-time nook: Giant floor pillows to the rescue. (via Brit + Co)

6. Mountain-scape Mural: Prepare yourself. You’re about to DIY a dream room that you’ll want for yourself. We love how every feature in this minimalistic room supports the adventure theme. (via Poppytalk)

7. DIY Canopy Bed: There’s more than one way to hang a canopy. Use canvas and sticks for a camp-style hangout that any kiddo will love. (via Remodelista)

8. DIY Laundry Bag: Laundry bags just got way cooler. Maybe your kids will be inspired to actually use it? (via Design Love Fest)

9. DIY Cloud Lamp: Umm, this is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. How cool is this DIY cloud light? (via Woonideeen)

10. Triangular Wall Storage System: Obviously you’re completely mad about your little love bugs, but the mess they sometimes leave around? Not so much. Help them help you keep your sanity with a place to store away all those odds and ends. (via Brit + Co)

11. Here Kitty Kitty Pillow Tutorial: Who knew buffalo plaid and hot pink yarn could create something so cute? (via Smile and Wave)

12. DIY Bedside Batman Lamp: It’s time for a hack that’s all superhero and so on-trend. (via Handmade Charlotte)

13. Painted Headboard: You’re about to tackle a DIY that you’ll totally want, too. Those geometric shapes are rad. (via SF Girl)

14. Washi Tape Instagram Print Wall: Washi tape makes the thriftiest (and trendiest) frame you ever did see. (via 100 Layer Cake)

15. Pretty Patterned Wooden Magnets: Get a magnet board and let them hang their favorite pictures, art projects and more with this simple DIY. (via Brit + Co)

16. DIY 30-Minute Wall Mosaics: Get a little artsy and cover your kid’s walls with something bright and beautiful. (via Handmade Charlotte)

17. Delivery Box City: Cardboard boxes were made for crafting clever cities. Better yet, give your kids some paint and let them color the city on their own. (via Super Make It)

18. Cloud Book Storage: You’ve never seen a bookcase like this before. Your kids need this extremely cool cloud storage NOW. (via Woonideeen)

19. Rotating Kids Art Gallery: The offspring of such a crafty person is going to be cranking out art on the regular. Display his or her latest creations with a simple VELCRO gallery wall. (via Brit + Co)

20. DIY Storage Tree: Preventing uncontrolled toy explosions is nearly impossible when you have little ones around. A storage tree like this one will definitely help restore some control over the situation. (via Handmade Charlotte)

21. DIY Stuffed Animal Chair: Talk about yer stuffed animal overload. What family hasn’t experienced it at some point? When your kiddo’s posse of pretty stuffies starts to get a bit out of hand, consider giving some of those pets a new home. We’re not sure if this is the most genius idea ever or just plain wrong. (via Jesussauvage)

22. Washi Tape Wall Mural: Once again, washi tape comes to the rescue. The wall’s an empty canvas and your friend washi can help you create virtually any image your mind can dream up. (via Land of Nod)

23. Wooden Quilt: This wooden quilt is a work of art. Give your kids some old wood scraps and paint and let them have fun with this craft. (via Giddy Giddy)

24. Chic Mobile: Alright, you might look at this and think “nursery” rather than “kid’s room,” but hear us out. If you’ve got an empty corner that could use a little point of interest, consider this that point. (via Brit + Co)

25. DIY Lego Posters: What kid doesn’t want to live in Legoland? DIY the room of your kid’s LEGO dreams with $20 and a bit of your time. (via I Am Momma Hear Me Roar)

26. DIY Gold Polka Dot Wall: We’re seeing in spots and polka dots. It’s okay to go a little dotty when walls are involved. (via The Homes I Have Made)

27. Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogram Letter: Time to put that leftover yarn to good use. This is a wonderful gifting idea, too. (via Catch My Party)

28. Cloud Kid’s Room With Handmade Stencils: Update a boring room with… wait for it… handmade stencils. No renovation required. (via Handmade Charlotte)

29. Patterned and Layered Wall Art: Grab some tape and a canvas, we’re going in. (via Brit + Co)

30. DIY Bear Rug: Uhh, can you say stunning? From the quaint little teepee/reading nook to the cuddly bear rug, we’re SO making everything in this room. (via We Lived Happily Ever After)

31. Growth Chart: Kids rule, and you will, too, when you help them mark their growth progress on a wooden chart. Now everyone can see what a big kid they are now. (via Handmade Charlotte)

32. Toy Box With Casters: Mess where? A toy box helps conquer clutter and makes it easy for a kid to clean their room in no time. (via This Little Street)

33. Temporary Wall Paper Using Washi Tape: Today your mini’s favorite color might be purple, tomorrow it might be red. Painting is a pain, but washi tape can do wonders for design and for changing fancies. (via Brit + Co)

34. Indoor Doorjamb Swing: Kids these days… they’re obsessed with phones and and friending Facebookers before they’ve even learned to ride a bike. Show them what they’re missing. Bring back the real toys. How about this indoor swing? (via Varpunen)

35. DIY Kid’s Ladder: What will you be when you create a one-of-a-kind play ladder with this tutorial? Only the Coolest. Mom. Ever. (via BoligLiv)

36. Headband Holder: Pretty and practical? This headband holder isn’t messing around. (via Tinker With This)

37. Campfire How-to: It’s official. Your kid needs an indoor campfire. And s’mores? (via The Ragged Wren)

38. Tissue Paper Floral: Here’s another bit of wall art that’s so easy to execute, you won’t mind changing it up for every single sleepover. (via Brit + Co)

39. DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Pillows: Pass the time with a puzzle… or maybe on a puzzle. There’s more than one way to enjoy this game. (via Au pays des Cactus)

40. DIY Wood Panel Headboard: The beauty of this wood panel headboard is that it’s basically a blank slate. Endless customizing awaits. (via Vtwonen)

41. Paper Lantern DIY: There are a dozen uses for this DIY. Use it to perk up any corner in your home and then pull it out for party decor later. (via Oh Joy)

42. Geometric Mobile: Got a sophisticated and chic little guy or gal? Give them some straws and help them out with these bomb ceiling hangs. (via Brit + Co)

43. Pallet Rope Name Art: Bring on the barnwood. No little cowboy’s (or cowgirl’s) room is complete without this bit o’ rope art. (via Love of Family and Home)

44. Tissue Paper Pom Poms Tutorial: Not only can you make a tissue paper pom pom in minutes, but it’s also totally budget friendly. Double whammy. (via The Idea Room)

45. Macrame Wall Hanging: They’ve grown out of enough T-shirts that this little project should cost you next to nothing. (via Brit + Co)

46. DIY Recycling Center: Teaching the kids the principles of recycling should be fun. Help them start the habit early in life with this DIY. (via Handmade Charlotte)

47. Owl Chair IKEA Hack: Your kid will be quick to claim this chair that’s cute and perfectly comfy for homework or crafting. (via Good Ideas for You)

48. DIY Floating Shelves: Storage is essential to any kid-friendly room. DIY a place for your kiddo to stash their goodies and they’ll be delighted to give each toy a neat little home. (via Handmade Charlotte)

49. Reclaimed Wood Wall: We love us some prep. Apply stained boards over a painted wall to get this look. (via Project Nursery)

50. Chalkboard Wall: Chalkboard paint makes it okay for kiddos to write on the walls. Fewer rules, more fun. (via Popsugar)

51. Typography Banner: Birthdays, first days of school, science fair winner — no matter what the occasion, this banner can you help you celebrate all the important milestones in their lives. (via Brit + Co)

Are you feeling inspired to give your kid’s room a makeover? Chat with us about your favorite DIY ideas in the comments!