Guyssss, we just got our invitation in the mail to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, how cool is that? (Please play along with us. It’s Friday.) We figured you guys need time to plan for their nuptials so we wanted to share the scoop with you, because we’re good like that. Just, like, respect their privacy, okay?

Date: The couple kept everything under wraps for so long that guests not in the know better rearrange their Memorial Day weekend plans. The word on the social media streets is that the pair is making it official on Saturday May, 24.

Location: Did someone say… destination wedding?! They did! The two are likely getting married at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, a 16th century fort built to protect the center of government in Florence. The villa inside the walls is filled with art, contemporary sculptures and the property has gorgeous views of the city. Sounds like the perfect venue for a love as strong as Kim and Kanye’s. What’s so special about Florence? Oh, well, Kanye recently confirmed that is where North was conceived. Aw?

Cost: NEWSFLASH: these guys like nice things and will spare no expense. Sources suggest their budget right now is around 300,000 euros,or $410,000USD. Weirdly, that doesn’t seem like that much when you think about it?

Wedding Hashtag: Okay, we don’t actually know this one, but figured Kim and Kanye should get ready for their special day with a designated hashtag. That way all of the photos and posts will be easy to spot. We’re thinking… #KimyesBigDay?

And just for funsies/’cause it’s Friday, here’s our Kimye costume idea from Halloween. Maybe we should update the look with wedding wear. Either way, this might be appropriate for the black tie affair their wedding is bound to be. Minus pillow baby.

Also for funsies, it appears that Mayim Bialik can’t name a Kardashian. Can you imagine? Take us to your world, Mayim!

Are you a Kimye fan/are you heading to their wedding? What celebrity wedding made you wish you were there?

(h/t: People)