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There’s something so satisfying about scrolling through photos of tidy pantries, color-coordinated fridges, and structured utensil drawers. Consider it our own organizational porn, if you will. Of course, these pics aren’t always at the top of our feeds (how many latte ‘grams can one go through?), so we’re rounding them up for you to have front and center. Take a look at these 15 photos below that will have you ready to grab your cleaning supplies as you go.

1. Stacked Snacks: The fact that these munchies are labelled by category is enough to leave us impressed (and a bit envious).

2. Neat Nook: At first glance, all we see is a really cute chalkboard. As you shift your eyes to the right though, the non-perishable goodies and cookbooks lining the shelf look just as good. And that tile backsplash? Yes, please.

3. Oven Mitt Envy: Oven mitts and hot pads are usually strung about the kitchen, and this drawer organization just makes us want to put them right back into place.

4. Freezer Fix: Is it sad that the idea of tidying our freezers didn’t occur to us until now? Consider us officially eye-opened (and inspired).

5. Cookie Jar Corral: We love the idea of placing all of our favorite sweets in a cookie jar queue.

6. Picture-Perfect Produce: Whoa, who knew refrigerated food could look so beautiful?

7. Caffeine, Please: If you’ve been staring at the contents of this drawer for the last few minutes, we certainly don’t blame you. The color coordination of our favorite sources of caffeine is definitely enticing.

8. Dry Goods Double-Take: Pasta night suddenly looks so much more appealing thanks to these pretty mason jars with all the ingredients inside. Side note: This also makes us want to splurge on a label-maker, STAT.

9. Utensil Drawer Delight: Our current utensil drawer is in a state of chaos. Meanwhile, these inserts are over here making this setup look *so* neat and tidy.

10. Coffee Storage: Since coffee, after all, is one of our most important drinks of the day, our round-up was worthy of one more pic storing it in the most satisfying way.

11. Jar Wall: Wait a minute — dry goods can be used as wall decor? We just found our new weekend project.

12. Pops of Color: Sometimes, a tasteful color display can make all the difference in a clean kitchen. This example is no exception.

13. Spice Stash: We’re loving the all-white spice holder with matching, labeled shakers. It’s a practical AND pretty way to liven up your favorite recipes.

14. Monochrome Magic: Cups, travel mugs, pods, and all, we’re hooked on this minimalist storage look.

15. Beautiful Baking Shelf: This ensemble is almost too pretty to be disturbed (at least until our sweets craving kicks in!).

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