Here’s the situation. You bake and cook like a regular sous chef, you’re always coming up with innovative recipes and your photo skills are pro. Sounds like you should start a blog. But that takes a lot of commitment, and there’s that whole day-job thing that’s getting in your way of giving it all. So just how will you share all of your amazing recipes with your friends and family? There’s an app called Kitchenbowl that provides a beautiful, simple interface for you to share step-by-step photographic recipes of your own, and we’re stoked to try it with all of our favorite holiday dishes.

Kitchenbowl already has some great user recipes on their website, like Garlic Peppercorn Fried Tofu, Blackberry Ginger Punch and Three Ingredient Hot Cocoa Bread from our very own Nanette Wong! There are even some more exotic ones like Sago Pudding topped with Palm Sugar. Yum.


When you’re uploading a recipe via the app, you simply take a picture of each step and describe that step in a sentence or two. When you’re done, other users can view your recipe and you basically look like a cooking pro.

This is a great app for finally getting some documentation for those family recipes that you eyeball your way through every year and for discovering some new faves. You can download the app now from the Apple Store for free.

What recipe would you share with the world? Let us know in the comments!