When it comes to customer service, companies who have upped their game on social media and connect with customers in real time are #winning. Stumped about where you’ll take your next holiday? Forget about closing your eyes and throwing a dart (or Sharpie) at a map. Simply put your travel questions out into Twitterverse and KLM’s #happytohelp team is… well, happy to help. Regardless of whether or not you’re flying KLM, this social media team is dedicated to responding to as many of the world’s travel troubles in one workweek as possible.

This real-time newsroom setting is open 24/7, and the teams spend their shifts scanning Twitter in search of travelers in distress. KLM’s overall goal is to showcase their dedication to providing beyond-excellent customer service to travelers worldwide. For an airline company who will go to the extent of hiring a speedboat taxi in NYC for a man late to catch his flight to Bermuda, it doesn’t take much convincing. They’ll even wake you up before you go-go; simply tweet them to request a wake-up call, and they’re on it. KLM’s created over 35 #happytohelp YouTube videos featuring flight attendants who provide helpful tidbits of travel advice, including how to overcome language barriers and jet lag.

For the campaign, KLM set up shop in a cylindrical glass pavilion in the middle of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, where visitors can physically visit to ask questions — no matter what airline they’re flying on. At “command center,” 250 KLM customer service representatives and employees are monitoring social media activity for people who’ve lost their passports, missed their connecting flights or are undecided about where to take their next vacay. KLM also coordinates with additional representatives in New York, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong to supplement aid for travelers in major hub cities.

The #happytohelp team’s challenge started at the beginning of last week, and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how many tweets they answered. While we wait to hear the exact numbers, we’ll use this little bit of wanderlust to ponder our next travel destination.

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(h/t PSFK)