When it comes to interiors, we tend to believe that the more dramatic, the better. (We鈥檙e looking at you, color-soaked聽walls and scene-stealing statement lighting fixtures!) But even our drama-loving selves sometimes falter when it comes to mixing trends. Can two Pinterest-famous design features coexist peacefully in the same space without stealing each other鈥檚 thunder? With their new store, New Orleans-based eyewear brand KREWE has that they can鈥 and should.

Terrazzo has been on our radar for a minute now, but our love for the home decor trend is still going strong. 鈥淚t鈥檚 minimalist and modern, but terrazzo is one of the oldest Italian composite techniques for a material,鈥 KREWE founder Stirling Barrett tells us. Meanwhile brass is a timeless metal that鈥檚 certainly been having a moment lately thanks to its glamorous quality. According to Barrett, the retro-meets-current theme in the finishes is no accident: 鈥淭his space is a mixture of the old and the new, the iconic and the modern 鈥 all centered on [creating] a feeling of community.鈥 The result feels fresh, yet familiar.

The welcoming vibe of the shop is embodied by the stunning cash wrap, which showcases a coordinating gold-toned tap (offering both Ros茅 and Kombucha for guests). 鈥淏eing from the South, hospitality is a part of our identity. When people come into the store, they should feel like they are coming into our home,鈥 Barrett says. And that includes enjoying a drink (or two).

Blush-hued chairs and plenty of plants lend a millennial slant to the space, but Barrett insists it comes with a decidedly NOLA-tinged flair. 鈥淲e feature lush tropical plant life around the store to tie in the fact that our frames are plant-based but also because New Orleans is a city full of greenery,鈥 he says. It doesn鈥檛 hurt that the store makes a picture-perfect Instagram background for tourists and locals alike.

Ultimately, the frames themselves were a major source of inspiration too. 鈥淥ur stores have a clean, minimalistic design to them, which provides a blank canvas for our frames to be displayed for people to really see themselves in our eyewear. This also helps call attention to the intricate acetates that we use and the unique eyewear designs on display,鈥 Barrett explains. It鈥檚 not hard to see how they made the leap from variegated acetate to the uniquely speckled terrazzo, but the extra-long counter also serves another savvy purpose. 鈥淭he long terrazzo bar in the center of the space allows for people to sit and gather together while shopping, waiting for their eye exam, or just hanging out,鈥 according to Barrett. (Ros茅 and sunglasses shopping in NOLA sound like a good afternoon in our books.)

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(Images via KREWE)