Kylie Jenner likes to show off her beautiful bling almost as much as she loves to tease us with her latest lip kits and peeks into her anything-but-humble home. One particular piece of finger-adorning finery is the HUGE oval-shaped diamond ring that she was given by boyfriend Tyga. Now, Kylie is showing off the super-sparkly setting in a brand new vid after cleaning the ring for the very first time. “That sh*t must have been dirty as f*ck!” So beautiful and yet, so nasty.

Kylie Jenner

According to People, Kylie has apparently denied that this is an engagement ring, despite the fact that it seriously looks like one AND she’s wearing it on her ring finger. But we do know that Kylie likes to tease her fans, so this could just be another buzz-sparker from one of the masters.

Whatever the meaning behind it, Kylie had decided the time had come to give her ring a cleaning. Although, it turns out she may have waited a little too long. “So, I got my ring cleaned for the first time since I actually got it,” she says in the video she posted to Snapchat and Instagram. Showing off the gorgeous glittering stones, she added, “That sh*t must have been dirty as f*ck because I forgot how sparkly.” Oh. Ew.

Granted, she’s a busy gal, but perhaps that’s something she should add into the sched to avoid future nastiness.

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)