The cult of La Croix, which actually began with midwest moms in Wisconson, has spread *all* over the nation. This fizzy fruit-infused water is healthy, refreshing and delicious, and all with no added chemicals. We *heart* it for the natural flavors, each one more exotic than the next. Think: passion fruit, apricot, peach-pear and grapefruit. To further the obsession, people are starting to use it in their after-work cocktails. So next time you’re jonesing for a low-calorie cocktail, just add some slices of fresh fruit and ice to your fave La Croix flave, and voila! Instant festive and sparkling cooler. Lemon, lime, coconut and grapefruit all make versatile mixers for healthy-ish summer cocktails. Below are 15 summer-perfect coolers that show why La Croix is the drink trend of the summer.


1. Skinny Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade: Fresh strawberries mixed with lemon La Croix and just a touch of sweetness make the most refreshing drink. It’s sweet and tart all in one sip. (via With Salt and Wit)


2. Lemon Drop Sparkletini: This martini has two ingredients that you likely have on hand: lemon vodka and lemon La Croix. Whip up a tray for your next soirée, and don’t forget the jelly bean garnish! (via Pizzazzerie)


3. Spicy Paloma: Grapefruit La Croix gives this Paloma an extra sour kick that’s in perfect balance with the jalapeño simple syrup. You’ll savor the complex, layered flavors in this deceptively simple drink. (via Sugar & Cloth)


4. Skinny Sparkling Blueberry Mojito: This top-notch mojito is replete with lime, mint and just enough simple syrup that you can still taste the rum. Truvia simple syrup and La Croix lighten up this palate-pleaser. (via With Salt and Wit)


5. Guava Pineapple & Coconut Cocktail: Turn on your vacation playlist and set the mood, because this tropical cooler tastes like the Bahamas in a glass. After one sip of the coconut vodka, coconut La Croix, guava and pineapple over crushed ice, you’ll be transported to a beach relaxation mode. (via Boxwood Avenue)


6. Blackberry Cucumber Skinny Mojito: This cocktail calls for Blackberry Cucumber La Croix and clocks in at just 90 calories and seven grams of sugar, compared to traditional mojitos at 242 calories and 25 grams of sugar. Cucumber adds a clean and crisp finishing touch. (via Eating Bird Food)


7. Sparkling Grapefruit Cocktail: This perfect summer bevvie combines the acidity of grapefruit with just a touch of agave sweetness, while the melon La Croix adds fizz and sparkle. Lemon vodka is the perfect spirit and contributes to the layered citrus flavors. (via One Brass Fox)


8. Sparkling Lemon Drop Martinis: Fresh lemon juice, vodka and lemon La Croix make this tart and sweet drink go down real easy. Pro tip: A sugar rim adds a perfectly festive touch when you make up a tray for your next shindig. (via With Salt and Wit)


9. Peach-Apricot Lillet Blanc Fizz With Cardamom Sugar: Peach and apricot juices and peach-pear La Croix turn this traditional French-infused wine on its head. The scratch-made cardamom sugar brings out the subtle orange essence in the Lillet. (via Hello Glow)


10. Brûléed Lemon Sour: Vodka and La Croix make this a very grown-up lemonade. Sprinkle a bit of sugar on some lemon slices and throw them on the grill for a sophisticated garnish worthy of any mixologist throwdown. (via Boxwood Avenue)


11. Grapefruit and Rosemary Margarita: When sugary and overly processed lime margaritas begin to pall, reach for this recipe. Top-shelf tequila, a squeeze of fresh lime and some sparkling grapefruit La Croix are all you need to quench your thirst on a warm summer night. Fresh fruit and a rosemary garnish make this as pretty to look at as it is to drink. (via Wilde Flavors)


12. Coconut Mojitos: Just when you thought you couldn’t get any better than a classic mojito, this refreshing sipper shows up. Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of a glass, add rum, lime juice and ice, then top it up with a sparkling coconut La Croix. The fruit-essence fizz takes this classic cooler up a notch. (via A Nerd Cooks)


13. Grapefruit & Rosemary Cocktail: This cocktail is guilt-free by using all natural sweeteners (honey or agave), fruits and fresh herbs. Grapefruit La Croix enhances the natural fruit flavors and gives it a refreshing spritz. (via The Colour Journal)


14. Pineapple Coconut Mojito: If a mojito and a piña colada had a baby, this drink would be it. It calls for pineapple juice, coconut water, La Croix and rum, served over ice. Be sure to add a few tablespoons of coconut cream for a decadent, tasty treat. (via 2 Cookin Mamas)


15. Nojito (Non-Alcoholic Mojito): It’s not always easy to have a mocktail on hand for guests who aren’t drinking. But this one is tasty and simple, with mint, lime, agave and La Croix. Bonus: It’s so easily converted to a cocktail with just a shot of rum for those who want it. (via In Katrina’s Kitchen)

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