This summer, we’ve been seeing a ton of fun fashion with interesting cuts, off-the-shoulder shirts, and added embellishments. We were especially fans of the Silence + Noise Selena Lace-Up Tank Top ($54) from Urban Outfitters, with the sexy sides and great use of hardware. So we tried our hand at hacking our very own version! Taking a $8 tank top, we transformed it into a summer-ready lace-up tank with a bit of simple sewing and a grommet tool. Scroll on to see how it’s done.

Materials and Tools:


  1. Cut the bottom seam off of your tank top and set aside.
  2. Cut the sides of the shirt along either side of the seam.
  3. Fold over to create a hem on both sides and pin down. Sew the hem.
  4. Create 8 felt washers by cutting around the grommet to measure the size.
  5. Cut out holes where you want to install your grommet. Place the hat-shaped grommet piece on through the hole.
  6. Loop the washer around the top of the *hat* and the ending grommet piece.
  7. Hammer the grommet together.
  8. Cut the bottom seam of the tank into two pieces. Thread them through the grommet holes in an X pattern.
  9. Sew the ends together, and you’re done!

Get your scissors ready; it’s time to turn your tank top on its head. Cut off the bottom hemmed part of your tank top and then cut along the side seams. You’ll want to have a smooth edge, so cut on either side of the seam, removing it completely. Fold the side edges over, pin down, and sew down the hem.

Next, add the grommets. You’ll want to make a washer first out of felt to protect your fabric from the sharp edges of the grommet. Cut around the grommet and make a hole in the center. It will be hidden, so you don’t have to be exact. There are two pieces to the grommet: One looks like a little hat and the other is a ring. Turn your shirt inside out, so the side seam is facing you. Cut a little hole in your shirt for the *hat* part of the grommet to go through. Next, place the felt washer around the *hat* part, followed by the grommet ring. Your grommet stack should be as follows: grommet *hat,* tank fabric, felt washer, and grommet ring. Use the grommet tool base to hold your grommet stack and hammer down. Make sure you’re taking even swings, so the grommet installs straight.

Now you’ll want to join the sides together. Take the bottom seam that you cut off in the beginning and cut into two even pieces. Thread through the grommets in an X pattern and sew the ends together.

Take a look at your fine work. It’s the perfect tank top for the season!

It adds some much-needed edge to a sweet face.

Check out that detail.

You can even take the lace-up look to the next level and pair it with some lace-up pants. Straight fire.

This is a look that’s all for fun! Brit + Co Designer Torii kills it on the graphics and in her style.

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DIY Styling + Production: Lindsay Saito

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Model: Torii Burnett