Okay, so you’re throwing your bestie’s baby shower next week (yay!) but have been totally swamped at work with 101 tasks to check off that to-do list, and haven’t had a chance to focus on the details for her shower. Nobody ever said being a #girlboss and a good friend was easy, and as confident as you are that you’ll pull it off, the pressure’s on! Instead of going basic, you just need a few last-minute DIYs that are V easy to make. The DIYs below will brighten up your space and make it super festive in no time. Scroll on for 20 ways to take your BFF’s baby shower to the next level in just a few simple steps.


1. Paper Flower Sacks: Flowers are a must at any shower, but if you’re hoping for a more creative look that your BFF will totally appreciate, DIY a few paper flowers. Pop them into paper lunch bag “vases” and use chalk to decorate them with a pattern or saying. In under five minutes, your super cute centerpieces will be complete. (via Paper + Stitch)


2. DIY Diaper Snails: Looking for a fun new take on diaper cakes? Use this stencil to cut out snails from card stock and wrap a large rubber band around the diapers. Pull the ends of the rubber bands through the snail’s face, then tie them off to create eyes and keep everything secure. Scatter them around your space to act as an adorable decoration. (via Handmade Charlotte)


3. DIY Balloon Animal Cake Topper: Balloon animal cake toppers are so simple, they’re practically genius. Twist one or two in whatever colors fit the party theme to add a minimal but festive splash of color to the cake. Make a few more for table decor, favors or however you can think to use them in your space. Once you master this DIY, you’ll be the go-to party person for this kid’s bday parties. Way to win ’em over early ;) (via Studio DIY)


4. Alphabet Donuts: A dessert table is a must at any gathering, so whip up these alphabet donuts and use your favorite baby shower words or phrases. This one chose to celebrate a gender reveal, but you can keep it neutral with any phrase that fits your mom-to-be and her little one. Running super low on time? Instead of making donuts, you can totally use this as inspo for cookies instead. (via Oh Joy!)


5. Pastel Muddy Buddies: Snack time at a baby shower is no joke, so snag a bag of Muddy Buddies at the store and mix in M&Ms. Go with pink and/or blue M&Ms for a gender reveal, or stick with the original colors so it looks like confetti. (via Brit + Co)


6. Onesies Baby Shower Station: Creating a onesie station only takes a few simple steps, but are a MUST for a new mom. Pick up a few packs of white onesies and fabric paint markers and tell your friends to get the creative juices flowing. For a little inspo, leave your guests with cute baby cartoons or sayings, so they don’t feel too much pressure to come up with something on the spot. (via iLoveToCreate)


7. Dreamsicle Party: These DIY creamsicles are totally nom-worthy for a warm-weather baby shower. Follow the recipe and make your favorite flavor, or opt for specific colors to go with the theme. Either way, your guests will be asking you to send them the recipe STAT. (via Studio DIY)


8. DIY Name Garland: Most DIYers have a stack of paint chips on hand in the craft room. Use them to create this name garland, if the parents have one picked out. It’ll be a super cute addition to the nursery for when that little bundle o’ joy arrives. (via Small for Big)


9. DIY Stacking Blocks: Stacking blocks are a must-have for kiddos. Make these color block blocks (hehe) and use them as decoration at the party. After everyone’s gone, you can give them to the mom-to-be for her new little one. (via Mom’s Best)


10. Confetti Garland: Is it a party without a DIY garland these days? Instead of spending hours creating a super intricate one, cut circles from card stock and glue or tape them onto a strand of yarn. Once it’s complete, hang it over the dessert table to give it a little extra color. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Baby Shower Cake Toppers: Y’all, this is about as easy and last-minute as it gets, but that definitely doesn’t detract from the cute factor. After you bake your cake, DL and print topper, then cut it out and glue onto wooden skewers to stick into your cake. (via Lia Griffith)


12. DIY Picture Balloons: This DIY makes for a perfect decoration at any party you’re throwing this summer, but it’s particularly fun to imagine how this new baby will inherit momma’s looks. Grab a few balloons from the party store and attach pictures of the mom-to-be. Scatter them around the room for a fun activity, or keep them in a corner to define a space, like a photo booth. (via Studio DIY)


13. Pastel-Painted Animals: If you’re looking for something that’s just as cute as it is budget-friendly, pick up plastic animals at the craft store and your favorite color spray paint. After the animals are painted, you can either glue them to the top of glass jars for sweet treats or add them around your tablescape. (via Andrea Patricia)


14. DIY About to Pop Dessert Bar: Give your bar a mini makeover with colorful mylar balloons and little dishes of snacks. It’s quick and easy, but the color packs a serious punch. (via Studio DIY)


15. Paper Floral Cones: You can’t go wrong with flowers during the springtime. Make these cones using colorful card stock and attach them to your wall for a vertical display. Finish them off with a few clippings from your garden to liven up your space. This would make a great photo booth backdrop, so get that hashtag ready! (via A Subtle Revelry)


16. Marshmallow Pops: If cake pops aren’t in the cards under your time crunch, make these marshmallow pops by sliding them on a paper straw and decorating with colored icing. Add toppings like coconut shavings or classic sprinkles and stand them up in a display for all to see. (via Honey + Lime)


17. Jelly Bean Party Favor: These fun party favors have a cute circus-like vibe and will *literally* take you less than five minutes to DIY. Once you’ve printed out the template, all you need to do is fill a cellophane bag with candy, fold over the printable and staple in place. (via Oh Happy Day!)


18. Button Cookies: Sugar cookies are basically foolproof, which is the idea when you’re really running out of time. Bake your favorite recipe (or use a pre-made dough) and poke holes to create the buttons. (via One Charming Party)


19. Watercolor Quotes Station: Looking for a fun and easy activity to have at the shower? Snag a few watercolor sets so your guests can paint on their favorite quotes. Once they’re dry, the new mommy can hang them in the baby’s nursery to create a unique gallery wall. An alternative to the guests’ messages, use white crayon to write a set of your own on otherwise blank paper. When paint is added, the secret message will be revealed. (via Baby Shower Ideas 4 U)


20. Wishes for Baby: This pastel garland is the answer to all of your baby shower problems. It acts as a decoration for the nursery and a game or activity for the guests. Plus, the new parents will love to re-read them as the kid grows up. Sometimes less really is more. (via Art Bar)

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