Is it just us or does every day seem like a battle against the clock? It’s a proven fact that writing down lists increases productivity and helps you break up seemingly huge and impossible tasks into smaller chunks. Try focusing on the top three most important things you need to get done each day and then fit in other, smaller tasks when those priorities have been checked off. We’ve collected some pretty cool to-do apps for your phone, but if you want a good ol’ paper list, feast your eyes on these pretty FREE printables that definitely provide visual motivation to stop the procrastination.


1. Colorful and Geometric: Who would’ve thought a to-do list would actually make us happy? There are so many pretty colors and check boxes here, we can’t wait to get started. (via Design Love Fest)


2. Humorous Take: A funny change from the motivational to-do lists, maybe the “nope” list will work for all those pessimists out there. (via Christina Williams)


3. Pick Your Sections: Get ready to be personalized — you’re free to fill in the blanks with whatever tasks you’re itching to accomplish. (via Clean Mama)


4. Open to Change: Whether you’re an entrepreneur working from home or a new mom juggling two lives, a daily planner with open boxes for notes is great for that constantly changing schedule. (via LBG Studio)

5. Get Your Priorities Right: Get your “musts” out of the way first. (via Clean Mama)

6. Let’s Be Honest: List off the top three priorities every day — it’s a proven way to be more productive. After that, everything else is just a bonus to be rewarded with cupcakes. (via Homemade Lovely)

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