We鈥檙e hitting that point, people. Yup, we鈥檙e talking a change in weather, change in routine, possibly a change in job or heading back to school and waving goodbye to the beach (it鈥檚 not too soon to count down to spring break, right?). For when your fall to-do list is overrun with tasks, we鈥檝e got the easiest hair tutorials ever. Even if life gets a little messy, your hair will still be looking perfect.

1. No Heat Fixes: Get up, pick from one of these eight easy 鈥榙os and be done. No sleep alarm needed. (via Tess Christine)

2. One-Minute Top Knot: We love this perfectly imperfect style. Did we mention it takes one minute to do? You鈥檙e welcome. (via Someday Mama)

3. Five-Min Styles for Short Hair: Just because you have shorter locks doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 mix up your look every now and then. These four styles may look intimidating, but with an 鈥渙nly five minutes鈥 promise, we can鈥檛 resist. (via MsLaBelleMel)

4. Headband Braids for All Hair Lengths: Braids are back in a big way, but that doesn鈥檛 mean we want to spend an hour in front of the mirror trying to look like Elsa. These three styles strike that perfect balance between 鈥淚鈥檓 always put together鈥 and 鈥淚 did this in four seconds because coffee is more important.鈥 (via MakeupWearables Hairstyles)

5. The Perfect Pony: Classic can be 眉ber classy when textured and polished into a sleek pony. (via LustreLux)

6. Messy Bun: The adorable Zoella teaches us how to pull off a totally effortless bun. (via Zoella)

7. Heatless Lazy Day Curl Extensions: No heat needed and curls still look that good? Forget lazy days 鈥 this is our new everyday go-to! (via Luxy Hair)

8. Two-Min Hair Twist: It may look intimidating, but this super polished look is actually ridiculously easy. Hit the snooze button once more, 鈥榗uz you鈥檙e going to need way less time to pull yourself together. (via Cinthia Truong)

9. Lazy Braids With a Wig: Get these sleek side braids in no time, and spend those extra minutes crafting a fancy breakfast for yourself (or if you鈥檙e like us, scrolling through Instagram ;) (via Tootsie Time)

10. Easy Crown Braid: See, braids are everywhere! Braided crowns are an Instagram favorite, making this simplified braid a must-try. (via Kayley Melissa)

11. HairStyle Hacks: This is less of a style and more of a tutorial you need to bookmark NOW to quickly tackle all your future hairstyle emergencies. (via Aspyn Ovard)

12. Easy Elegant Side Bun: For 鈥淚 woke up like this鈥 perfection, try this gorgeous side bun. (via MakeupWearables Hairstyles)

13. Lazy Day Style for Curly Hair: Managing crazy curls can be time killer, but that鈥檚 why the style gods invented beautiful scarves. (via Traeh)

14. Five-Min Hair Curling: Yes, you actually can use your curling iron to create gorgeous looks in just a few minutes. Feeling skeptical? One view of this vid and you鈥檒l be a believer. (via PanktiBarbie Patel)

15. Curly Hair Braid: For you curly-haired goddesses, don鈥檛 straighten your wavy locks to get them into a braid. Keep your natural texture and try this easy style instead. (via CurlsBeauty)

Leave a comment telling us what lazy hair style is your go-to!