After a relaxing summer filled with road trips and indulging in all the food state fairs have to offer it’s time to head back to campus and hit the books. When checking off that dorm must-have list, make sure you’ve got a wearable or two on there because the smart devices are just as vital as shower sandals and a mini fridge. Check out these 10 wearables you and everyone else on campus should be wearing this semester (+ beyond) below.

1. Cuff ($49): Never feel scared and alone again, while walking around campus at night with this blingy buddy. The versatile wearable — works as a bracelet or necklace — does so much more than *just* track your fitness and notify you about incoming calls. It also acts as your security guard in case of emergencies. All you have to do is press Cuff and it will discreetly send an alert to family and friends of your whereabouts — with audio — giving them precise details about what’s going down and how to help. Into the idea of a protective wearable but don’t love Cuff? Here’s seven more for you to shop.

2. Cur ($249): We’ve all had that moment when we went a little too hard at the gym. Or tailgating. For those days post-overexertion there’s this smart pain relief band-aid. Perfect for back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, the bandage sends adjustable non-painful electrical currents to your brain to prevent painful stings from happening. That walk across campus will be a cake forevermore.

3. Moodmetric (In development): If you want to understand your emotion levels better to learn how to stress less and enjoy life more — especially around finals — you’re gonna want this stackable ring. By measuring your emotions from your nervous system throughout the day just like an activity tracker would, you’re able to see your current state of mind to what your emotional well-being has been like over the course of your first month back at school. Fingers crossed it’s not all red.

4. Leaf ($119): This wearable is also versatile as you can wear it as a bracelet, a necklace or even a brooch. Aside from the styling options this smart device has plenty else going for it as the Leaf can help you better manage your reproductive health with its easy-to-view ovulation, premenstrual and period days charts. Since this smart piece of jewelry isn’t a one trick pony it also can track activity like steps taken, calories burned and shut-eye time, while also monitoring stress levels through your breathing movements. With this piece you’ll be an A+ student of your body.

5. UU-U Memory Ring ($90): Another stackable option, this ring comes with its own flash drive so you never have to worry about losing your research paper file on the way to print at the library ever again. Available in options like steel and 14 karat rose gold, these unisex rings not only make perfect accessories for every social event this semester, but they will also ensure you never get into a sticky situation when due dates roll around.

6. By Kilian ($195-$465): Give unforgettable first impressions to your co-eds in more ways than one with one of these pieces. The chic, gold-hued jewelry pieces not only will make you look fab they will also make you smell amazing. Throw on a scented cuff, a banded bracelet or even a tassel necklace to make all the guys and gals stop and stare (and catch a whiff?!) as you pass by.

7. Lumo Lift ($79): Stop that slouching in class with the help of this magnetic clasp tech piece. Place it on your shirt, bra strap or really anywhere you want on your body to monitor your activity and movement, but most important of all, that (at the moment) terrible posture of yours. Available in a variety of colors (essentially the rainbow) the posture corrector will help you with holding your chest, shoulders and upper back the right way, leading you down a path to become a more confident, healthier and active student. Posture is obviously important, so check out even more devices to help with that here.

8. Nymi (In development): This wrist accessory will conveniently provide you with security for all of your private info. The biometric wristband uses your own unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, then sends that data to its app to verify that you are who you say you are. With this smart device you won’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to all of your accounts and password info ever again.

9. Spire ($150): Need a mindfulness coach when the going gets rough thanks to that insane course load? Try out this activity tracker to bring you back down to earth. Aside from tracking all the steps you take around campus the Spire also monitors times when you are calm or focused and even helps you through guided breathing and meditation exercises. It’s time you take control of your mental health as well as physical, and this clip-on can guide you down that path.

10. Pplkpr (Free on iOS): Perfect for your first semester at college when you’re trying to establish new, real friendships, this app + smart wearable are crucial to having relationship success throughout your university experience. By tracking, analyzing and managing your relationships through physical and emotional responses to people in your life Pplkpr gives you full reports on how your roommates, classmates and teammates effect you (positively or negatively). Better yet, after compiling those results it can send out those annoying FB invites for you, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of deciding who you want to attend your dorm room kegger ;)

Which wearable will you be rocking on campus this fall? Let us know in the comments.