We all have someone that we look to and admire, and it’s natural to want to emulate that person. Whether that means stealing a few of their hairstyles, belting out their songs when you’re home alone like Taylor Swift slaying Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” or pretending to be an Olympic hero like 1996 gold medalist Kerri Strug (guilty), we’ve all been there at one point or another.

King of Queens favorite Leah Remini’s little sister Shannon Fararra (you might recognize her from Piranha) has been there too: In fact, she unleashed her inner gymnast on Leah and all of us during the Olympic games just last night, as can be seen in the video below.

“This is what happens when you watch the Olympics with your little sissy @shannonfarrara,” Leah says.

In the clip, Shannon can be seen signaling her ready before “mounting” the balance beam — er, we mean, the coffee table. She goes for it right away (is that a leg swing mount we spy?), throwing herself over the table with ease… or… something like it… as Leah laughs and cheers her on in the background, mumbling, “It’s so good… so good.”

Considering that the table looks to be much wider than the standard 4” beam gymnasts are used to working with, we’ll give her a break — she had farther to jump!

Actually, we’re just gonna’ go ahead and give her a perfect 10 for effort.

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(Photos via Frederick M. Brown + Jesse Grant/Getty)