Earlier this month, she jogged her way further into our hearts (and maybe a hospital bed, briefly) while getting hype to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” in an Apple Music ad. Today, Taylor Swift is giving us major nostalgia vibes. Mere hours ago, she dropped her latest commercial collab with Apple, in which she gets ready for a night out while blasting Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”

“Oh my god,” says Taylor’s internal monologue/voice-over. “I love this song. I used to listen to this in middle school.” So did I, everyone watching thinks at that moment. Oh my god, I’m just like her!

Whether you made $80 million last year or $8,000, one thing we can all relate to is pumping up a great throwback jam and rocking out in front of your mirror, and rock out she does! The moves she’s got in this vid are straight out of a regular person’s bathroom pre-party repertoire rather than those of a woman who makes her living performing onstage. Given her particular set of skills, it’s entirely possible she’s playing up her regular-girl-ness to make herself more relatable.

But you know, what really matters is the heart you put into it. And whether she’s putting on a show of mediocrity to make us relate harder or that’s how she really lets it hang when she’s alone, what matters is that she gets it, right?

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(Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)