You’ve heard it before: Kids need to stop playing so many video games. But as games that teach you how to code and apps that educate are filling up virtual toy shelves fast, we’re quickly learning that not all video games are created equal. Even LeapFrog, long a leader in educational toys for kids, is getting into the video game, well, game.

They’ve already announced plans to create the first kiddy wearable and now they’re coming out with their very own video game console this October called LeapTV. We’re super stoked about this one. Unlike traditional systems, ALL the games on this will be kid-friendly. And as you would expect from LeapFrog, these games are also educational and will grow right alongside your kid, so the learning can continue past the next school year. The games are even created by educators, so you know that they’ll be good for your little one’s brain.

The console will feature a wireless remote and body-tracking camera. You can also use the controller like you did with old-school consoles, meaning that there are three ways to play on the device. The controller is even ergonomically designed for little hands.

We’re up for downloading anything that gets kids thinking, moving and having fun! This is another example of technology being used to help kids learn, and that trend has a ton of promise. Tech teaching kids that learning can be fun? Sign us up!

What do you think of the tech-meets-educational play trend? Tell us in the comments below!