Have you ever tried to pry a tablet away from the hands of a cute kid who just needed a distraction from asking, “Are we there yet?” during a road trip? Well, it’s hard. It’s especially hard when the tablet is yours and you have important things to do like watch the second season of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix and play Feisty Chicken (do it — you’ll thank us later). For a kid, a tablet is like having an arcade, library, playground and movie theater right at their Nutella-stained fingertips.

Obviously this tablet tug-of-war can’t go on forever, so maybe it’s time for the little one to get a tablet of their very own.

What if there was a tablet that was more than just a road trip distraction? Instead, it was specifically designed to help harness your child’s creativity through a suite of tools that teaches them how to draw, animate, author their own books and edit movies like a pro? It’s all a reality, because the pros from DreamWorks Animation and Fuhu, an innovative children’s product company, partnered to develop the Nabi DreamTab.

Nabi is hailed as the world’s first full-featured Android tablet made just for kids. It aims to empower the next generation of creative heroes. The DreamTab is the first kid’s tablet to include a digital stylus that writes just like a pen to hone your kid’s painting, story-telling, animating and photography skills. It is also the first tablet to incorporate NFC (near field communication) gaming technology where, with Nabi Morpho Pods (a collectible toy line) kids can digitally bring figures to life by tapping the item on the Nabi DreamTab.

Filmmakers and artists from DreamWorks partnered with Fuhu on the custom built Nabi Play and Nabi Web to provide young ones with an array of kid-friendly content from DreamWorks Animation and other leading children’s content sources.

With the Nabi DreamTab, you won’t have to worry about the little one downloading apps without your knowledge. It features the Treasure Box, a curated store that enables children to purchase movies, music, TV, games, apps, e-books and even real goods with Nabi Coins. Nabi Coins are a parent-managed, rewards-based virtual currency system to help teach kids how to earn, save and spend money. Parents can even reward kids with Nabi Coins for completing chores.

Oh, and there’s also Nabi Konnect, a social network for the stroller set, filled with kid-friendly instant messaging, email and photo sharing apps, which enable parents to create and manage one-to-one safe connections for kids to communicate with family and friends. Now it’ll be easier than ever to share those summer vacation pictures with Gram and Pop Pop.

Here’s the best thing about the Nabi DreamTab. Parents can set daily limits for tablet use and rules for kids to earn extra screen time, so the little one can do other things like, you know, play outside, too.

The Nabi DreamTab is currently available at Wal-Mart and Target stores nationwide at a suggested retail price of $269.

What do you think of the DreamTab? Would you purchase it for the little ones in your life?