Learning to code can seem like a formidable task, but in today’s techy world, it’s becoming a necessity. Like any language, programming is something best learned early. If you want to give your kids a leg up over their peers, (and let them have a ton of STEM-stimulating fun while they’re at it!), Play-I is the next friend you should be inviting over for a playdate.

This company has created two robots, Bo and Yana, designed to get kids familiar with coding early on. Bo and Yana are Bluetooth-enabled and connect to an iPad app that allows your little ones to control the activities of their bots via a graphical interface that teaches them programming concepts while they’re at play.

The robot buddies can communicate with each other, learn as they’re used, interact with other accessories like a xylophone and pull toys, move around and even sense their environment. Once your kids get familiar with the app, the possibilities of their programming are endless. You can mount your smartphone on the robot itself to expand its capabilities even further.

These toys are designed for children as young as five, but they’ll age along with your child, introducing more complex concepts and even using and teaching real programming languages.

We know sitting your kid in front of the TV isn’t the best way to grow their brain, but that doesn’t mean you should count technology out altogether when it comes to play-and-learn-time. Play-I allows you to incorporate tech into little one’s activities while still keeping them up, out and about and dreaming up new games with their techy toys. Who knows, they could grow up to be the next web wunderkinds or invent a robot to help your family do chores by the time they graduate 8th grade.

Would your kids enjoy Play-I? Do you introduce your kids to tech in unique ways? Tell us your thoughts below.