Earlier this month, we gave you the deets on the prettiest Starbucks thermos you’ve ever seen. Apparel giant Lilly Pulitzer teamed up with the coffee megachain and S’well to release a line of fabulously floral print water bottles just in time for spring. By the looks of it, the bottle is shaping up to be the hottest commodity of this spring!


The water bottles that promise to keep a beverage cold for a full 24 hours and hot for 12 sold out super quickly in stores. Just this morning, more were released on Starbucks’ online store, only to be sold out AGAIN (drats!). But all hope is not lost. You can still get your hands on some Lilly x SBucks goods — if you’re willing to pay a little more.

People are selling the bottles over on eBay in their varying prints of Sirens Calling, Fresh Squeezed!, Resort Escape Floral, and Palm Beach Jungle, and while some current bids are pretty reasonable at just $1 to $2 more than their regular retail price of $40 (buy-it-now prices start at $70 plus shipping), others are going for as much as $99 each, with the full set being sold for up to $389 (!!!).

If you’re not exactly keen on shelling out $100+ for a water bottle, you can keep your fingers crossed for a Starbucks restock online or mine your local store for the proverbial needle in the water bottle haystack, as there’s no telling how long these guys will last.

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(Photos via S’Well)