Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, but with weddings already filling up your 2014/2015 cal, you’ll end up spending just as much on dresses as you would on one custom couture Monique Lhuillier number for one of the future-Mrses. Well, Best Ladies, get ready to make your own “something borrowed” tradition with Union Station, a rent-a-dress service that brings Rent the Runway to the alter.

Like the site says, your friends are forever but the dresses you wear for each other’s weddings don’t have to be so LBD figured out a way to lend you your look for your bud’s big day. Their website is a virtual wardrobe of perfect bridesmaid dresses at your disposal. There are 12 different styles to choose from in 18 bright, beautiful colors. If you already have a hue in mind, they’ll hook you up with color swatches so you’re sure. And (are you sitting down for this?) dresses start at $50 to rent, $150 to buy. Cha-ching.

Where Rent the Runway might remain your go-to if you’re a plus one, and The Black Tux is our favorite way for fellas to get in on the rent-a-fashion action, Union Station is the perfect fit for bridal parties. A size guide will help you find the right fit and LBD sends you a free backup size with every rental just to be safe. You’ll also get your dress two weeks early in case there are any problems with it — bonus if you’re traveling for the wedding.

Brides: this one’s a time and stress-saver for you too! Pick a color or palette and let your gals choose different styles, or pick a style and let them pick a shade. Oo and now everyone has more moola for the bachelorette party. See ya, AC — you’re going to Vegas, baby!

And speaking of major help when it comes to weddings… don’t forget that Brit is teaming up with Target to help YOU plan yours. More info on that here!

What do you think of Little Borrowed Dress? Would you use it?