What? You dudes don’t have wedding fashion woes? Well maybe your ladies do on your behalf. Proms, weddings, and other black tie events will now have one awesomely affordable thing in common: The Black Tux.

No, Rent the Runway is not offering a men’s vertical… yet. We wrote about The Black Tux when they first launched in May 2013, but since closing a sweet round of funding in December, this genius men’s suit rental site has seen a lot more action.

Best described as Rent the Runway for dapper dudes, this company lets you rent a high-quality, well-designed suit or tux for anywhere from $95 to $120. That’s a heck of a lot less than it costs to buy a brand new suit, especially for something like prom or being a groomsman, where you’re not sure if you’ll wear that exact suit again.

First thing to do is get yourself measured. Then, go rental shopping on The Black Tux website. Then, pick an entire outfit from the curated collection or build one from individual elements. Choose the date of your event, and your ‘fit will arrive one week before you need it. How sweet is that?

And when you’re done? Just drop it in the mail. Oh you fancy, huh? ;)

How is this different from a local suit or tux rental shop? Well, the styles are way more modern and well-designed. They’re made from high quality ingredients with your best fit in mind. Can’t say the same for that crunchy shoulder-pad navy number you rented for your cousin’s wedding when you are 19, eh?

Try The Black Tux on for size for your next fancy event, and let us know what you think!

What do you think of the online rental trend in general? Ladies, have you ever used Rent the Runway? Talk to us in the comments below.