Remember the original Disney Channel Movie, Smart House? C’mon, it only came out in… oh, 1999… (What the heck, it’s already been that long?!) Well, regardless of how old we’re feeling, that movie is slowly becoming a reality (minus the part where the smart home turns into the ultimate overbearing helicopter psycho mom). We already have smart bulbs, an entire kit that allows you to control everything in your house, a central command center that makes controlling smart bulbs, doors and temperatures super easy. Now there’s a new smart home kit rolling into the neighborhood thanks to LittleBits.

So you’re probably wondering, “What’s this little smart home kit got on Iris?” Well, Iris definitely gives you that full smart home package with everything being controlled with a tap of a touchscreen. LittleBits’ Smart Home Kit allows you to create a more personalized smart home by focusing more on the DIY aspect. Sure, Iris has a DIY aspect, too, but it’s more of the IIY (install it yourself) nature.

LittleBits’ Smart Home Kit comes with 14 modules, like an MP3 player and a temperature sensor that you can control via a smart device. It also comes with 11 accessories that let you control things that are plugged into an outlet. But why build your own system when you can get it all from Iris? Because… you want to channel your inner maker and summon your creativity beast to create a smart home like no other! Not to mention there are no monthly service fees involved, unlike Iris.

This kit is great for creating custom-made conveniences that you specifically need or want in your home. For example, you can create a way for soothing jazz to start playing from the MP3 module when you return home from a long day at work while simultaneously having the lights dim to a relaxing setting. Then have a seat in your favorite chair, which automatically turns on the TV to your favorite channel and, with a press of a button, dispense the right amount of dog food for Fido, who’s all the way in the kitchen.

A complete smart home transformation with advanced tech all over your house could potentially be a little intimidating and make your house feel more like a machine than a home. LittleBits’ Smart Home Kit ($249) helps keep your home welcoming and warm, but still bumpin’ up your home’s IQ points by a whole lot.

What home conveniences would you make with the LittleBits’ Smart Home Kit? Tell us in the comment section. We’d love to know!

(h/t CNET)